Welcome to our family blog.  We are a Christian homeschooling family of 13.  We have 8 girl and 3 boys.  The first 7 in a row were girls, so we’re working on evening things out.

2009 family photo

Yes, this family photo is sadly outdated.  You try getting this many kids to stand still and look at the camera.

See our 2008 family photo here.

Since you’re here on the About Page, I’ll assume you are new and want to know a little about us. If not, just roll your eyes at how self-absorbed we are and move on with your life.  We’ll never know.

Our blog is our home on the web, and we try to keep it like our real-life home: fun and friendly, a little opinionated, but always striving to glorify God.  Of course life doesn’t always go the way we plan and we’re ok with that because we know Who is in control.  Besides, when things go really, badly wrong, I can always console myself by blogging in my head.

We know we’re far from perfect, but we’re trying to do better day by day.  Just laugh with us, learn with us, and stop in for a visit whenever you like.  Better yet, subscribe so you won’t miss anything.  Want to do us a favor?  Link to one or more of our posts on Facebook or your own blog, so others can find us.  Thank you!

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The family:
  • Pc3 (Dad)
  • KimC (Mom) – Here are 100 Things about me.  Well, sort of.
  • Deanna – 1993 (married Tyler in 2012)
  • Kittykait (Kaitlyn) – 1995
  • Liddybug (Lydia) – 1996
  • Megan – 1998
  • Natalie – 2000
  • (Re)Becca “Crazylegs” – 2001
  • Sarah – stillborn in 2003
  • Rachael the Red – 2004
  • The Boy (Perry IV) – 2006
  • Bethany Grace, 2008
  • Parker, 2010
  • Calvin, 2012
A few things about us:
  • No, we don’t all wear matching clothes like in the photo above.  It was an annual staff photo for Perry’s former employer, Vision Forum.
  • The girls in our family wear mostly skirts, most of the time. (update: not so much anymore, and here’s why)
  • We live on 5 acres in the Texas Hill Country. Yes, Texas has hills(update: we now live in San Antonio, the 7th biggest city in the US)
  • Yes, they’re all ours.  Yes, from the same two parents.  Yes, we know what causes that.
  • No, we don’t receive government aid to support our big family and never have.  The economy may be a mess and prices are rising, but the simple truth is kids don’t cost that much to raise.
  • We don’t use birth control, and we think you probably shouldn’t either.
  • Our house is smaller than you think.  Way smaller. (update: we moved to a bigger house in the city.  I wrote an entire series of posts about the househunting process.)
  • How many bathrooms?  One.  Just one.  I don’t know how we do it, so don’t ask. (update: 3.5 bathrooms, and sometimes it’s still not enough.)
  • We love books.
  • We are second generation homeschoolers.
  • We have a constantly changing assortment of pets, including but not limited to tarantulas,snakes, praying mantids, and various mammals.
  • We attend a reformed Presbyterian church in the CREC.
  • All of our children were born at home.
  • I live-blogged the births of my last 3 children: Perry IVBethany, and Parker.
  • I have posted birth stories for all 11 of our children.
  • We drive a 15 passenger van.  What else would we drive?  Driving a big white van with darkly tinted windows within a few hours of the border sometimes creates interesting situations.
  • We all spend way too much time on the computer.

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