Birthday Boy

My hubby’s brother works with him, along with about 28 other guys. Today was his birthday – brother-in-law’s birthday, that is – and hubby wanted to do something nice for him.
So we bought 2 whole briskets (30 lbs. of meat!), 6 bottles of BBQ sauce, 10 packs of hamburger buns, 5 big bottles of pop, one of those food service-sized cans of corn, and 9 bags of chips, plus plates, napkins, party hats and obnoxious noisy party noisemakers things. We seriously considered ranch beans, but I only have 1 crock pot and there’s no stove at work. I didn’t think they’d stay hot for the 52 mile drive, so the beans stayed home.
Late last night we started the brisket. Well, OK. Hubby started it. I was lolling about on my bed, again, being ill. He brought me freezer pizza. 🙂
Early this morning, I bundled up four of the youngest to go to work with Daddy and Uncle Ben. He got into the faithful old white Suburban and headed out. We won’t talk about why he needed jumper cables before he left, but it wasn’t the Suburban’s fault.
I ran back in and finished up preparations. The rest of us piled into the van and headed into town with the feast in time for lunch.
I learned a few things:

  • Alas, 30 lbs. of meat does not adequately feed 30 young men.
  • Regardless, 30 young men will be overwhelmingly grateful for 30 lbs. of meat.
  • I received way too many thanks for the amount of work I put into the meal. 🙂
  • Mexican meat markets and grocery stores do not carry potato salad.
  • If you have a party, somebody will bring a cake.
  • In the right hands, 8 party blowers can make enough noise to fill a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse
  • There are 150 different ways to wear a party hat. If you have more than 1 hat, the possibilities expand exponentially.
  • My morning sickness is, indeed, distractable – I was hardly sick all day until I got home.
  • I want to do it again! hmmm…one of the temporary workers has a birthday Friday…


  1. LOL!! I fix a big lunch for my husband and his coworkers once a month. They are all younger, single men that don’t ever get a home cooked meal. I can never fix enough and there’s NEVER anything left when they’re done. But it makes me feel so good to do it, because most of these kids (most in the early 20’s)don’t eat well most of the time.

    Glad the morning sickness was better during the party. With my last baby, I was sick all day too, but if I was busy or distacted I would feel fine.


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