Birthday oddities in a big family

I’m the oldest of 14 children. We have 14 birthdays – well, sort of. We share a lot.
The first 3 of us are all in December, but that’s nothing special.
#4 shares her birthday with #10.
#5 shares with #8.
And the twins? That’s where it really gets tricky. The twins are #12 and #13 (Mom and Dad got a baker’s dozen!). The older twin shares a birthday with her older brother. Twin brother has his own birthday the next day.

My own children’s birthday fell differently.

  • The first was born on her grandpa’s 40th birthday.
  • The second was born just 2 days before the other grandpa’s birthday.
  • The third was born on All Saints’ Day.
  • The fourth was born on Memorial Day – we like to say that Memorial Day was Labor Day that year.
  • The fifth was our Y2K baby. 1:58 AM, yee-haw! Full color front page spread in the local paper!
  • The sixth was born on a great-aunt’s birthday.
  • The seventh (our little Sarah who died in utero) was born on Flag Day.
  • The eighth was born on the 14th anniversary of our engagement.

    The next one is due June 20th…hmmm…my mom’s birthday is just 8 days later. Our #6 was 8 days late.


  1. Coffee and a Muffin says:

    Ack! All of this makes my head hurt! 😛

  2. Yours Truly,
    Sorry – can’t help you there, although you can find blogs of other large families.

    My mother-in-law had so much trouble remembering our 2nd daughter’s birthday that she managed to confuse me. I actually had to pull out her birth certificate form to remember the correct date!

  3. Michelle Billingsley says:

    So far all of ours have there own birthday and month except #1 and #3. They were both born in Jan. #2 born in Sept., #4 Dec, #5 Aug, and #6 Oct. My birthday is in April and my husbands is in March along with our anniversary.

  4. I am the oldest of 11 children, we have our birthday season which is Nov./Dec. (I write a bit about it on my blog here)
    But, we too have a couple of doubled birthdays! They are fun! My sisters who are to be 24 and 15 are Nov. 25th and My sister and brother are May 4th that are 9 & 6.

  5. Yours truly says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you know any families as big as yours.

    I’m working on a news story.

  6. Lol…wow! Well done on remembering them all. One time my younger sister was taken to hospital and on her hospital band they put the birthdate…only my Mum had given my other brothers birhtdate (but the correct year) who was born 2 days before her! Lol…that was funny.

  7. That is so neat!!

    I was born on August 8, 8/8
    DH was born on Nov. 11, 11/11

    Dh and I both have the last 2 digits the same on our social security numbers.

  8. Can’t imagine how you keep up with it all. When I had three kids I could tell you in an instant how old everyone was. But now that I have four…well, that’s just too much information to keep in a brain at one time. Every time someone asks me their ages I just about have to pull out my calculator.

  9. LOL! That’s a lot to keep track of! My oldest son was due on my husband’s birthday, but made it a day early. We all had birthdays in April 14, 23, & 24, until my youngest was born on Dec 12, 2003. For my family, it’s a name problem….

    We have:
    5 Kathys, 2 Jacks, 2 Susans, 2 Ronalds, 2 Uriahs, and 3 Abbys

  10. I had hoped we could try for a birthday a month, but 2 of mine doubled up in April, and two in Jan.

    Well, maybe we could still make it…

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