Dangers in Wally World

We were forced to spend 5 hours in Wally World yesterday while our van was being worked on in a nearby garage. After that, we spent another 2 hours in the mechanic’s waiting room while they finished up the “2 hour” job. The last 3 hours of our Wally-time was not fun, and now I am not looking forward to my next shopping trip. My sister-in-law understands. When I told her, she exclaimed, “Oh, Kim! That’s so tragic for you! Now where will you go for fun?”
But we did see an incident worth recounting. We bought groceries while we were loitering, and in one of our carts (sigh…yes, I’ve resigned myself to shopping with 2 carts) were 2 rolls of Crescent Roll dough. I don’t normally buy this, but I really need to try Beth’s recipe for Taco Crescent Bake. I think you should try it too, but be careful when you buy the crescent roll dough.
When one of my darlings put the rolls of crescent dough in the cart for me, I had warned her: “Handle those carefully. They can pop open by themselves!” snicker.
When another child helpfully dropped cans of beans into the cart, I admonished: “Watch out for the crescent rolls. Those things will pop open!” “Yes, ma’am.”
As we unloaded our groceries onto the conveyor belt, I reminded everyone: “Easy with the crescent rolls!”
Did they spontaneously pop open? Well, no.
But the lady behind us was holding a roll of crescent dough. As she stood watching us, her roll of dough exploded! The dough shot down and splatted onto the floor next to her shoe, while the empty can was jet-propelled like a bottle rocket straight up and over to the next aisle!
As the girls and I first stared, then shrieked with laughter, the nonplused clerk shook her head slowly. “Must have been outdated,” she grumbled. Apparently this happens a lot in Wally World.


  1. Coffee and a Muffin says:

    lolol!!!! I know they’ll do that if they get warm. Dough rising and all.

  2. You can buy canned bread dough in the US??? I have NEVER heard of this before. Random. But oh my goodness on the exploding can! That sounds HILARIOUS! 🙂 ROFL….too funny.

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