Today Lydia and I finished her birthday dress. er – her 8 year old birthday dress. Lydia turned 9 earlier this month.
I don’t sew much – did I mention that? My crowning achievement, my magnus opus, was the year I made 5 matching Easter dresses for the girls.
Lydia’s birthday dress is my first real sewing project in over 5 years, so this is a momentous occasion. Last year, I decided to make a dress with each daughter, each year, as a birthday present. Yes, I can hear you laughing. But Lydia and I went to Walmart together, and I helped her select a pattern and fabric. We came home, cut out the pieces, and got to work.
We got stuck. We backed up a little, tried again.
We got stuck. We hadn’t chosen the easiest pattern. Not a hard one, but it had quirks that were enough to throw off a novice like me.
We put it aside and thought about it for a while, and when Grandma (my grandma) came to visit, she helped us through the bit we were stuck on.
We worked a little more, and got busy with other areas of life.
Just today, I pulled out the half-forgotten, nearly finished dress. “Let’s finish your dress so we can do a Home Portrait Studio for your birthday pictures this year!”
And we did. Just like that.
Now who knows the best place to order prints from digital photos? Posted by Picasa


  1. Ooh! This was the one she wore yesterday, right? I noticed how pretty it was. Great job! I’ve tried to become a sew-er, but when I failed at placemats (can it get any easier?), of all things, I thought better of it…for now at least!

  2. Kim~
    Thank you thank you thank you! It was a miracle it worked!
    Roberta 🙂

  3. Roberta,
    My hubby found the right place to insert the baby ticker code in my template. In mine, it was just over halfway down, right after the line with the term BlogDescription. You might look for a similar spot in your own template.

  4. Lovely dress-lovely little girl too!

    5 dresses at one time is VERY industrious! I stopped making dresses by the time I had two girls, I just don’t like sewing clothes very much, although I have taught them both to make quilts!

  5. What an adorable picture, Kim! The dress looks super! I have a pattern for a dress I picked up just recently and was considering sewing myself…but considering my past history with sewing projects, I don’t think it’s realistic for me to even attempt. My family is always quick to remind me of the vest I made years ago. When I proudly displayed it and prepared to model it, I was shocked to discover that there were no arm holes! Following patterns never was quite my thing… 🙂

  6. As another novice seamstress I applaud you…great dress, and sweet daughter.

  7. If you are a member, the absolute best place is Costco. You can even order “portrait packages” for the same price as an 8×10, which can include a variety of sizes (sometimes a ton of pictures)

    If not, there are a lot of on-line places, snap fish comes to mind, where if you sign up, you can get a number of prints (4×6) for free.

    What a pretty dress!, btw. 🙂

  8. Kim~
    Lovely daughter, and darling dress. (afraid to tell how many unfinished projects I have going!) I like your home studio portrait and the background.
    Could you tell me how you put the birth ticker on your blog? I would like to on mine, but afraid I am a bit lacking in computer knowledge. 🙂

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