My Magnus Opus, and Matti vacuums

Just a quick thanks for all the nice comments that Lydia and I received on our handiwork. Here’s an old picture of the Easter dresses from back when we only had 5 girls, 6 and under. This was only the third time I had ever completed a sewing project, and these babies had lined bodices, petticoats, princess seaming. The works! Note the matching headbands. 🙂
That was a lot of fun, and a lot of late nights.
All of the dresses are still in circulation, but they have moved down the line a couple of notches.
As a side note, when I made these dresses I had a neighbor who grew up sewing all her own clothes. She would cook up an idea at my table: “hmmm…the girls need coats. I think I’ll make them some.” Then she would hit WalMart on her way home (not an easy task, since we were next door neighbors and WalMart was hardly on the way).
The next morning, her 2 girls would be sporting brand new custom made windbreakers with hoods, zippers, and appliqued butterflies and ladybugs, all of which cost Matti $3.75 to make.
You say patterns cost more than that? Matti never used patterns.
She also made 5 of our girls personalized quilts (they still have them, Matti!) and the cutest animal head pillows.
She said she was impressed with my 5 dresses, but I had to impress this upon Matti: for her, sewing was like vacuuming the living room. A quick job you do when you have the time, inclination, and a working vacuum cleaner.
For me, it was like giving birth. Really: I’ve given birth just as many times as I have finished a garment, and the sewing probably took longer.
Matti, if you’re reading this, could you sew me a quilt for my bed? It’s a queen size; I could send $3 or $4 to cover materials (you always find the deals!) and could you have it here this week, since the weather is cold?


  1. mattswife1990 says:

    I love the dresses! I keep meaning to sew matching dresses for myself and our two daughters, but never even get to the store to buy the fabric!!

    I, too, was smiling about the cute look on your baby’s face in that photo! 🙂

  2. Great job!

    I used to sew a lot for my kids, too. Granted, that was back when there were only three of them, not four, and I was stuck in the woods with no Internet 😉 and I had a huge sewing area. A gal can whip up an incredible amount of stuff in no time if she has a whole area for it!

  3. Your girls are beautiful! Wonderful dresses, too!

  4. The picture is adorable! All the girls look so happy with their new dresses!

    Your little baby has the cutest look on her face! I can’t help but smile!

  5. What beautiful girls and what lovely dresses! I’d love to sew more, but for some reason it takes me forever to finish things. I’ve been working on the same quilt for four years now. I still haven’t finished the baby blanket I started when I found out I was pregnant-my son is almost 9 months now!

  6. I would love to be able to whip up a piece of clothing like I whip up a scrapbooking layout. That would be amazing.

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