pssst…Who loves Vision Forum?

Be sure to check your email this weekend: For the first time ever, Vision Forum will be offering Free Shipping on orders placed Friday and Saturday!
Don’t forget to check out the specials while you’re getting your free shipping:

  • Free calendar with all orders over $100
  • $10 gift certificate toward your next order when you spend $150
  • Free nightgown with purchase of Liberty or Evangeline doll
  • Vision Forum clearance outlet

Spread the word, and if you haven’t already joined the email list to receive notice of Vision Forum specials, do it here.


  1. Wahoo! Thanks for the tip! Time to whip through the catalog and make some plans!

    Thanks, Kim. (Shore is good t’know ya!)

  2. Duchess of Fife says:

    Oops, that was from Emily not GunnBrotherCol!

  3. GunnBrotherCol says:

    Ooh, goody! I’ll wait til I get the free shipping too!

    Thanks, Kim!

  4. Great! Hope you all have a wonderful day of thanksgiving!

  5. Ruth,
    Yes, it’s all right – I checked. 🙂

  6. Mrs. Coghlan, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying your posts. Your writings are so enjoyable and thought-provoking (and well-written), and I love your tips from your family’s experience!

    Just wondered if it was all right to post about this special ahead of time?

    Ruth S.

  7. Oh my gosh, thank you so much Kim!! I actually started a cart this morning but then I got distracted (easily done for me) but now I’m going to hold off for the free shipping. Again..thank you!!

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