Thankful Thoughts

How could any of us ever list all of our blessing? But here are just few of the things I’m especially thankful for today:

  1. A husband who leads and encourages me, says nice things just because he loves me, loves his children with his whole heart, embraces his role as a husband and father, and brings me dark chocolate.
  2. The 7 living children God has given us, and the new child growing within me.
  3. Our little stillborn Sarah, who reached the end of the race before us (June ’03) and reminded us of the sanctity of life and what a tremendous blessing each and every child is, when I was in danger of assuming that we could just “pop out a kid every 19 months.”
  4. The modern luxuries that make our lives so easy: indoor running water, hot water, kitchen sinks, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, doors, lighting, and more. We did without all of these for varying periods of time while living in/building our new home. Life went on without them (with surprisingly little hardship), but they were such sweet blessings when we regained them one by one!
  5. Family nearby, and family far away.
  6. A church body that loves fellowship.
  7. The joy I hear in our house, when the family spontaneously bursts into songs of praise.
  8. Red meat, portobello mushrooms, and other such blessings.
  9. Fall in Texas – my new favorite season!
  10. The Source of All Joy, Who gives us the ability to take joy in our blessings.


  1. Duchess of Fife says:

    Beautiful, Kim! #3 brought tears to my eyes as I too tend to take God’s blessings for granted.


  2. We, too, live in central Texas. The weather was beautiful today! Have a great day!

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