7 children

Only 6 of them really talk, though. The toddler just pats my belly lovingly and says, “Come out, Baby!”
If each of the older 6 asks me every 30 minutes if I’m in labor yet, that’s once every 5 minutes.
They’re awake for roughly 15 hours/day.
That’s 180 times/day that I hear The Question. From my children.
I’ve gotta hurry and get this kid out.


  1. Carmon Friedrich says:

    Here it is.

    You can find most of my top ten lists with the link at the top of my website (“Top Ten”), but this takes you to the post it’s from, as well.

    Hang in there!

  2. Carmon,
    I’ve seen your top ten tips before, but just searched your blog and couldn’t find it to review.
    Care to post a link?

  3. I don’t know how I found you, but I am praying for you, the baby, and your family this morning-for patience, strength, and at the same time, rest…rest in Him! :o)

  4. You know, it’s true. There is something so much tougher when it’s the littles who are asking when the new baby is coming. With this most recent one (#7), all of the kids would pile on me every morning the final 5 weeks (3 weeks before my due date, and the two weeks after that I was still preggers!), saying, “Well?! Are you in labor? Is today the day?!” I felt like I was breaking their poor hearts each morning with my failure to produce!

    And castor oil isn’t that bad…I had a “shake” this last time that finally put me over the edge (literally 5 minutes after taking it the contractions started and she was born in 4 hours – a definite first for me!). I recommend it, unless for some reason you’re allergic to castor oil (although I’ve never heard of that before). I’m happy to give out the recipe…Kim?



  5. melissa says:

    i found your blog on the homeschooling blogroll. now i’m caught up in the suspense. awaiting a birth is so exciting.

  6. Carmon Friedrich says:

    Hang in there, Kim! You are such a pro, I know it will go great. Make sure to read my top ten list on how to have a great birth, if you get time.


  7. Praying for you dear sister. Looking forward to finally coming her to here to hear you have something, or shall I say, someone new to blog about.


  8. Duchess of Fife says:

    Well, I am sure you would like some unsolicited advice, so here goes… 🙂 My sister just had her #6 a week EARLY and attributes this to evening primrose oil – not taken the oral way 🙂

    BTW – you’re not the only one to be a little edgy so close to the end. 🙂


  9. So…….ARE you in labor yet?? LOL

    You have such patience – all my babies except 1 (and I have 6) were at least 5 weeks early. My hubby said it was because I had no patience. I guess I finally learned some with the last one because he was born the day before his due date…….and I thought I had been pregnant FOREVER!!!

    Love in Christ,


  10. I don’t mind it once a day from grown ups, but being surrounded by Endless Questioners could make a woman of lesser patience a little edgy. Not moi, of course. Oh, never.

  11. Oh you poor woman!! My kids aren’t old enough to ask yet so I haven’t experienced that yet but I so don’t like it from others!! Bless you!

  12. Anonymous says:

    How cute! I won’t add my Question to the 181…I’ll just keep checking this blog every hour!


  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey, that is my preferred natural method of labor induction: getting the kids to speak into my belly button, “baby Sparkle come out now.” Much safer than Castor Oil, thats for sure! Hasn’t worked yet (I’m 38+ weeks). My 3yo keeps getting when and where confused and telling me that the baby isn’t ever coming out since we aren’t at the hospital. One day…. soon?

  14. dccdmom says:

    My babies have all been 7-15 days early and I STILL get bugged for the last few weeks “Haven’t you had that baby yet?”. If I ever went overdue I’d have to go rent a hotel room by myself to keep from smacking everyone. Hang in there, baby will come when he/she is ready.

  15. stephanie says:

    Praying for baby to come quickly!!! I’m totally checking in all day long to see if you are having your boy. 🙂 (Now, we go on vacation next Tuesday so you if you have him or her before then, that would be great so I’m not in suspense for a whole week). (((Hugs)))

  16. Michelle,
    I’m starting to understand how you feel. Of course, the false alarm on Monday has a lot to do with everyone’s anxiety now. We *all* can’t wait!

    Et tu, Brute?
    Yes, it’s Thursday. We’ll see what happens in the wee hours of the night. But (theoretically) I’d like to wait til Friday night or Saturday, so the baby could be born on a birthday or anniversary.
    But my mother-in-law thinks tomorrow might be her sister’s anniversary…she’s checking. Maybe I’ll have a go-ahead in time to get started later tonight.
    Hubby thinks I’m getting a bit obsessive about this whole birthday/holiday thing.

  17. michelle says:

    The last weeks of my pregnancy are filled with are you still pregnant? when are you going tp have that baby?, etc. Of course my labors are always 1-3 weeks late.

  18. Stephanie says:

    #181: So, ARE you??? I mean, it’s Thursday, right? ;o)

  19. I went overdue with my first and was driven crazy with just friends and family asking all the time. I can’t imagine having several kids also watching you like a bomb about to blow! My heart goes out to you. Come on baby, get out!

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