WalMart again

Hubby and I puttered about the house for most of the day then ran to town to do some errands, hoping that something would shake loose. Something like a baby.
No such luck. We went to Chili’s for a spicy appetizer. Apparently spicy food doesn’t help, though some of the looks I got were pretty entertaining.
We went to the health food store for some liquid calcium, my drug of choice when it comes to labor pains and after pains.
We went to Blockbuster’s for a new selection of videos to keep our brains mushy just in case we found a good reason to stay up all night. You know, a reason like real labor.
We went to WalMart, mostly because we were already in town and what’s a trip to town without WalMart? OK, if you must know, I bought a bottle of Castor Oil while I was there. Just a little bottle for $2. I’m not using it – it’s just here if I change my mind. Or my sister might want it. I’m not using it. Really. But theoretically, how much would a pregnant woman take? The dosages on the bottle leaves a lot of room for desparation or lack thereof.
My mom also helpfully offered to let me paint the inside of her house, in the interest of getting labor in gear again. She’s so selfless that way. 🙂
We’ll see. Things seem to be picking up a bit again, and the children have an overnight invitation to stay with my parents at their house just over the hill.


  1. kate5kiwis says:

    well it sounds like you are *definitely* nesting.. the trips to town etc have gotta be good.
    i’m not a castor oil fan.
    babies come when they’re good and ready :o)
    all the best for a fabulous delivery

  2. Also, let me know (karen.engstrom[at]comcast[dot]net) if you want that recipe. It’s very drinkable, and the concoction had me in labor pronto. It’s perfect to drink down with one of your Blockbuster movies (that’s what I did!).

    We’re a few hours behind you, and I’ll check back here-and-there before I go to bed to see if you’re “ready”!



  3. Wowsa!


    Still praying in WA,

  4. Anonymous says:

    I took castor oil with my last pregnancy. If you mix it with a cold smoothie or milkshake and drink it with a straw, it is hardly noticable. I admire you for letting yourself be a “watched pot”. I get very reclusive at the end of pregnancy. I can’t stand the feeling of people waiting on me. I am already waiting on myself. Something else you and your hubby could try is cuddling and LOTS of nipple stimulation. You have an empty house… I hope your baby is here soon. ~Diana

  5. owlhaven says:

    I would say a couple of generous tablespoons full. Theoretically speaking…

    Mary, OB nurse and mom to many

  6. Kim,
    I don’t know you but I’ve really been on tenterhooks awaiting the birth of this baby. I guess I’m living vicariously through you even though it’s only been six months since my last baby was born. I’ve found a good-looking website that offers advice on the castor oil. It’s at The actual page is HERE. I hope it proves helpful.


  7. Crystal says:

    Shh! Don’t tell! I took castor oil with Kathrynne. I mixed a tablespoon in with a pudding cup and then ate a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup afterwards. I ate that all while I was watching a good movie and I honestly didn’t really notice it. I repeated this whole thing about 3 hours later. And, it didn’t produce any negative results (I won’t further elaborate on that!!) besides me having a baby less than a day later.

    So, I’m not all that adverse to castor oil. Though I know that others have had less than pleasant results.

    Hanging out waiting with you — if we lived closer, Jesse and I would just come over and hang out with you guys!!

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