Differences in pregnancy

I’ve had several people ask me if I noticed anything different in this pregnancy – anything that made me suspect that this baby was a boy.
There were two noteworthy differences: one was the baby’s activity, and the other was a short Asian woman.
This baby was strong: he punched, kicked, stretched, twisted and caused a lot of pain before labor ever started. I convinced myself that it didn’t mean anything, because our 4th daughter was the same way. We were convinced that she would be a boy for that very reason.
But…she has always been built differently than the other girls: she is muscular, strong, and highly active. I’ve always teased her by saying she was the closest thing we had to a boy. No gasps of horror and scandal, please – I also told her that I was just like that as a child. I remember looking down when I was little and seeing those same muscular legs and bony knees. That little girl is a mini-me.
That was the first clue: muscles.
The second clue was the Asian woman. You were waiting for this part, right?
3 months ago, I was in WalMart with 3 of our daughters. Strangers sometimes sympathetically wish me a son when they see me with all 7 girls, but I had less than half of them this day. And strangers are usually much calmer than this lady.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tiny old Asian woman running toward me at top speed. Assuming she wanted to get somewhere in a hurry, I stepped out of her way.
She skidded to a stop, put her hand on my belly, and said with a heavy accent, “You have a boy! When this baby is born, you remember I tell you this: you have a boy!”
Then she ran away.
Weird, huh?
So, 2 clues: muscles, and predictions from highly excited elderly Asian ladies.
If you have carried children of both genders, have noticed any differences?


  1. Anonymous says:

    We have 3 boys (#5 is a week old today!) and 2 girls and I didn’t notice anything differently about the pregnancies. I carried them all low, no heartburn with any, gained same amt of weight, same ms, and they poked and prodded the same- lots.
    When my OB mentioned that another doc had asked if I was schelduled for a tubal ligation, I actually felt sick. I love my children and told the OB if all my L&Ds were this easy I would have 7 children by now!

  2. I am MUCH MUCH MUCH sicker with girls. I knew this “baby” was a boy – just didn’t know it is TWIN BOYS! LOL

    Also, the heart rate thingy works for me after the second trimester starts- girls are 160’s, boys are 130-140’s.

    But, I’ve had some VERY active girls in here!

  3. Martha A. says:

    I have had 4 boys and if I was going by differences in pregnancy……some of them would have been girls! My first son never stopped moving inside. He jumped, he kicked, he bounced, and whatever else he could do. The next one was so calm and quiet and I felt so good with him that I thought maybe he would be a girl. He was a very pretty boy! = )

  4. I only have two so far- one boy who I carried low, one girl who I carried high. I joke that it evened out the stretch marks above and below my belly button. It’s hard to tell with the one I’m currently pregnant with but I’ve suspected a boy. No particular reason, perhaps wishful thinking? Who knows.

  5. shannon @ rocks in my dryer says:

    I carried the three boys VERY low and the girl VERY high. That was the only real difference for me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Our first boy is die within 10 days. With our three girls I had much worse morning sickness. With this pregnancy it started later and ended sooner and was much more mild. Also two days before I found out I was pregnant I dreamed about a chubby baby boy rolling around on our bed. It was one of those incredibly clear dreams and I felt like this baby was a boy from the start but I didn’t have the nerve to tell anyone. ~Diana http://www.xanga.com/islandlife

  7. PastorMac's Ann says:

    I had 2 girls and 3 boys in that order. I didn’t notice anything different although the heartbearts were definitely different – boys had higher rates.

    But I did have an experience like yours with my first baby. I was noticeably pregnant when I ran into a gal who used to work for me as a student at the university. We were friends but certainly not close and we hadn’t be in tough in quite a while. She was pleased to see I was pregnant. She touched my stomach and said with calm confidence, “You’re going to have a girl.” I hemmed and hawed about not knowing what I was having and how we’d just have to see, etc…. Undeterred, she said again, “Oh no, you’re definitely having a girl.”

    OK, then!

    We said our good-byes and I thought she was being a little wacky. But she had a last laugh because we most definitely had a girl!

  8. Stephanie says:

    One boy and one girl so far, with remarkably similar pregnancies: carried the same exact way (like a basketball protruding directly out), similar heart rates in womb, similar movements, similar weight gain, similar sickness.

    My “intuition” was dead wrong on both of them as to gender guesses!

  9. For me the pregnancies were pretty similar. No intuition here, just ultrasounds to find out.

  10. Laura- Swank Mom says:

    For me, I was extremely sick with both of my boy pregnancies. I was sick with the girls, but nothing like with the boys. Sick 24 hours a day for 40 weeks. Ugh.

    I still want another boy though. 😉

  11. How hilarious!

  12. I am sometimes annoyed with and irritated (yes I am aware those mean the same thing) old wives tales. Such as, if you have heartburn you are having a baby with hair (that doesn’t make ANY sense to me!)Well, you know the old wives tale that if you are caring low you are having a boy and if you are carrying hight you are having a girl? That just happened to be true with me, carried both my boys low and oddly carried my daughter high (hence the heartburn, but yes she did have a lot of hair too! 🙂 Kind of strange. That story about the Asian woman is funny, and odd!

  13. Oh…I forgot to add that we are in rural Texas as well!

  14. I had 3 boys, then a girl. If I were to name one thing, it would be the morning sickness….oh boy, the morning sickness. WAY worse with Mia than with the boys. It also lasted until 22 or so weeks full on!

    I also had a dream when I was about 11-12 weeks pregnant. In it my oldest son was playing with a little toddler girl. They were sitting in the kitchen with the sunlight streaming in the window. He stood up, reached his hand down to her and helped her up, and as he turned with her to walk out of the room, I heard him say “Come on Amelia, lets go in here and play.”

    I woke with a start, turned to my husband and woke him up. I told him, “If it is a girl, her name will be Amelia”. In my heart, I think I knew at that moment that it was a girl, but my logical side would not allow me to accept that intuition.

    At 38 weeks, we had a daughter, and named her Amelia, and call her Mia for short. I think the dream was a little whisper from God, silly as that may sound.

  15. Cindee,
    I’m really out of the pc loop too, but I changed the post to avoid giving undue offense. Our reproductive habits seem to give enough offense already in certain circles. 🙂

    Don’t feel bad about the lack of intuition. After all her pregnancies, my mom admitted she never had a clue either.

    And hubby agrees with you. Maybe the lady will find me again next time if I hang out in Walmart enough!

  16. Anonymous,
    Thank you for the lesson in political correctness. I have updated my post.
    However, Hubby and I like all of our children. We will probably keep having kids until we have one we don’t like. Then we might reconsider our position on birth control.

  17. That’s too funny about the ORIENTAL lady. (…I’m sooooo not p.c.) You should have gotten her name for the next time around. 🙂

    Also, I’ve NEVER had any idea what in the world I was having. I’ve always felt a bit of a failure for not having any “intuition” in that regard!!

  18. I had a boy, then a girl. My girl was more active, but not terribly so. Morning sickness and fatigue was much worse. The funny thing is, I can’t count the number of people (complete strangers) who told me my daughter would be a boy. Even after I told them the ultrasound said girl, they would insist the ultrasound was wrong. Nope, it wasn’t. 🙂

    I was the 3rd girl in my family. My mom was convinced I was a boy because I was so active. I was not, of course. And, I was little, petite, and docile (once I grew out of my climbing stage).

  19. With the activity in my stomach my girl was a little more mellow but still pretty active compared to some.
    The only difference that I noticed throughout the pregnancy was that I had morning (afternoon & evening) sickness a lot worse.

  20. Anonymous says:

    ASIAN! Not oriental. Welcome to the 21st century and buy some birth control!

  21. No differences, just heartbeat rate would always give it away for us. We have 8 so far, with a pattern going. Two girls, two boys, two girls, two boys. the girls rates were 150+ and the boys were always 130+.


  22. Barbara says:

    I currently have 6 children with #7 due the end of this month. Out of the 6 children, we have 1 son (baby #7 is suppose to be a boy)

    Honestly, I have never noticed a difference as I too have had a couple of active girls. I did have several people tell me that baby #4 was definitely a boy due to the way I was carrying the baby. #4 is definitely a girl…lol!

  23. Paulette says:

    Oh yes my daughter was very passive in the womb, just like she is now. My son never gave me a minutes rest, bouncing off the womb wall… still bouncing.

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