I just have to ask…

Does anyone think it’s a coincidence that our boy is far and away the best burper I’ve ever had? If he grows up to be a superhero, belching will be his super power.
On the bright side, thanks to his incredible natural ability, he has never ever spit up. Now I know why God made burps.


  1. karatekid says:

    Hey Kim it’s Abber. I think u should let Perry(IV) be an actor when he grows up. You know let him audition for the sequel to elf.(he would make a great buddy jr.)

  2. Roberta says:

    It’s true, I read another blogger’s comment one time on the Bluedorn’s blog…”Never underestimate the power of a good burp!”

  3. Kili @ Live Each Moment says:

    That’s funny! My baby boy really doesn’t burp or spit up….. hmm…not sure why.

  4. Boys and belching. It just goes together. Wait til he’s 6 or 7:-)

  5. michelle says:

    Hey Kim, my sister in law made a comment that boys just seem to be born knowing how to burp and rarely have to be burped. That is definately how our boys were they burped on there own from birth. Katie on the other hand had to be burped or she would get upset like she had gas on her tummy and would be soo uncomfortable. Yet even when we tried burping her it took awhile to get her to.

  6. Hi, I just found your blog the other day and I must say I love it! Hope you don’t mind me dropping by once in awhile…actually probably more often then that..I love reading blogs by Mommies with all kinds of great anecdotes and advice.

    I’m a mother of one adventerous 7 month old boy…man he keeps me busy, I can hardly imagine keeping up with 8 little bodies! Kudos to you!

  7. Mom2fur says:

    Cool, a baby that doesn’t spit up. Think of all the laundry you don’t have to do! But don’t think it’s a boy thing. My daughter can outburp anyone. I mean, I swear she’s like a man. I think she does it on purpose just to be annoying. Oh, and you should know she’s beautiful, smart, funny–and 21.

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