More potty notes

Hip, hip hooray! She did it again: Little Red has woken up dry 3 mornings in a row!
Just for the record, this is unprecedented in our house. Most of the girls were potty trained at precisely this age through no planning of our own, but most took another 6-12 months to be dry at night. One or two were still wetting the bed at 4-6 years old, so I’ve done my time when it comes to nighttime training.
But I did have high hopes for this girl. Over the past year she has frequently woken up in a dry diaper, only to soak it within 20 minutes. I had a feeling this would be helpful when the time to potty train came, and hoo boy! was it!
She spent all morning playing Musical Panties, switching between her 10 new pairs just for fun (none of which bear the face of Pooh, curse thee o WalMart!). I figured she could use the practice in getting them on and off so I didn’t object. I also figured they would all need washing by the end of the day anyway. Somehow, wearing undies seems to make them feel a little more secure, a little more complacent. There’s nothing to make you run for the bathroom like the feeling of pee trickling down your leg. Undies dampen that sensation. Yes, bad pun.
When she finally settled on pink flowers on a white background, she did indeed become complacent. Small accident, shocked eyes, and a run for the bathroom.
Blue and purple ladybugs: small accident, shocked eyes, run for the bathroom.
Solid pink, with a large ladybug in the front: small accident, shocked eyes, run for the bathroom.
You get the idea. We started the day with 10 new pairs, and finished the day with 2. Still, there were no puddles on the floor and no undies needed swishing in the toilet, if you know what I mean. Day 3 was a good day, just like Day 1 and Day 2.
She even took it upon herself once or twice to go alone. Due to hygiene concerns I don’t encourage this right now, but I did take it as a good sign.
Potty training is work, but it’s fun work when we all stay on the same side: us, united, against The Evil Poop and Pee. Put them in their place, keep them where they belong.


  1. Hooray for Little Red! Hope you can find some Pooh undies, too. Somehow…there is something very apropos about Pooh on undies…(sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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