Potty training: duh moment

Rachael was leaving a wet circle in the front of her dress every time she grabbed herself and ran for the bathroom.
After 2 weeks of whining at her about it gently correcting her and wondering how long this would go on, I accidentally changed my wording a little.
What I was saying: Oh no! You got pee on your dress! Don’t do that!
What I said Tuesday morning: Don’t put your dress on your ___ when you need to go potty. That gets pee on it!
She looked at me, pulled her dress out away from her body and said, “Do this, Mommy? OK.”
There hasn’t been a wet circle on her dress since then. It was that easy.
Isn’t it funny how we sometimes underestimate our children?


  1. We do the chin-tuck too. That’s so funny – I thought I was making up a unique and goofy solution, but apparently others do it too!

  2. Milehimama says:

    Reminds me of my great potty training DUH. My boys would always grab their privates which drove me nuts. Then, I finally figured out why they wouldn’t stop – after chastising my 3rd son, he goes, “But Mom, you said to HOLD IT!” Hmm, somehow he didn’t psychically figure out I meant his bladder muscles!
    Now, if I could just figure out how to keep my potty training 2 yr. old from getting her dress wet every time she sits on the potty – she can’t seem to master the trick of tucking it under her chin. Oh well.

  3. I stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago. I have enjoyed lurking but thought it time to come out of the shadows. 🙂 We have discovered the power of simply changing the wording around our house too. “Put that toy away.” often results in whining and dragging of feet but “Could you find a home for this bear/block/marker?” gets results every time.

    BTW, we tried the ‘Great Egg Whap’. Great fun!

  4. Amazing how a simple change of words can make all the difference! I did that with college algebra. I failed it twice. I just didn’t “get it”. Finally had a teacher who “spoke my languate” and I made straight A’s! Glad you figured it out while “gently correcting her” 😉 lol

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