Carnival of Kid Comedy

Smacking Myself in the Forehead

I did it again – I let the week go flying past and didn’t even take a shot at assigning a guest host for the carnival.
Could some kind soul please rescue me from my lack of planning and just email to tell me when and where I should forward the submissions for their week of choice? Really. Just email and say, “Kim, send me all the carnival submissions for the December 19 carnival and I’ll host it.” You’ll be my best friend for life…or until the next person emails and claims Dec 26, or Dec 12…you get the idea.

Moving On

We have 2 weeks’ worth of entries this week and lots of newcomers, so strap on your seatbelt!
We have:

  1. Super-Mommy writes an open letter to Spitup Boy.
  2. The Harmoniser shares What children think about marriage.
  3. More4kids shares fun pics of son’s first birthday.
  4. The Bruggie family provides a collection of tales from Rose, proving the eleventh Reason for having children. (link corrected)
  5. Dana is chuckling over her 3yo’s first joke.
  6. Christa manages to find the humor in kid hysteria.
  7. Michael’s son Nathaniel knows that real men do play with dolls…they just do it on their own terms.
  8. Rhonda’s daughter has trouble with those tricky Old Testament names.
  9. The Melvilles’ 12yo has a plan to avoid at least one sticky situation.
  10. a Geek family knows how to laugh at themselves, and encourages us to join in.
  11. Little Trinity learns the hard way that you can have too much of a good thing.
  12. Lydia has figured out why hunters wear orange, in hunting according to Lydia.
  13. I had to laugh at what I overheard in the car.

And I found these in my own blog reading over the past two weeks. I found more, but lost them.

A hearty welcome to all the newcomers this week (there were several of you!), and a note to those whose blogs I read regularly: If you posted something funny and I forgot to save it for the carnival, well, it’s your own fault for not submitting it. hmph.


  1. homeschool help web,
    Thanks. Email me about this, and I’ll put you on the calendar. Just pick a date!

  2. Homeschool Help Web says:

    I would love to host any week that’s free other than the day after Christmas. (We’ll be out of town til Monday night, and I always need time to recover, LOL!)

  3. Super-Mommy says:

    Thank you so much for doing this!

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