The problem with a short memory…

The problem with having a short memory is that your husband can convince you that you do crazy things.
For instance, I caught him climbing into the shower yesterday with a cup of coffee in his hand. When I laughed at him, he played innocent.
“What? We always take coffee in the shower.”
We do?
Now I’m faced with a puzzle.
Do I always take coffee in the shower but neglected the habit for the last three days so that it has, in the words of Tolkien, passed out of time…and memory?
If so, should I bid the habit goodbye, or resume the tradition?
Or is he kidding: could it be that we’ve never done that before, and it really was a crazy thing for him to do, so he responded with a joke that went over my head?
I’ve got to settle this quickly. In another day or two, he may try to tell me that I was the one who took the cup into the shower, and he was the one who laughed about it. And I’ll believe him because it will all sound vaguely familiar.


  1. This is SO me right now – I have “pregnancy brain” beyond belief. I thought your post was so funny and well-written that I linked to it on my blog…hope that is ok!

  2. Frankly, I think it’s a brilliant idea. And you could market a little suction cup coffee mug holder. Personally, I take my coffee everywhere I go.

  3. Jody from AZ says:

    I am glad to know I am not the only one with a short memory. Sometimes I feel like I am loosing my marbles! “I have a great memory… it’s just short!”

  4. Hillarious! (You might want to document with photographic evidence lest it get switched around!) Too funny!

  5. We recently brainstormed about how to rig a little shelf just outside the shower so that we COULD take a cup of coffee to the shower. Maybe in the next house…

  6. Now that is funny! Just wait til you get “granny-brain” along with everything else!

  7. Did have something cute to say about this post, but that was 10 minutes ago…

  8. OH, I needed that chuckle this morning! Thanks for the good one!


  9. Too funny. My sweet husband would tease me like that too!

  10. Copper's Wfie says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! I often catch myself getting into the shower with my glasses on. I usually don’t catch it until I can’t see anymore because of the water on my lenses!

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