Potty training tip: not for the faint of stomach

Read at your own risk, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Still with me? OK.
Rachael is still having intermittant diarrhea, bad news for a newly potty trained toddler. I’ve resisted the urge to toss her underpants every time she has an accident, so we have been rinsing them in the toilet when it happens.
The oldest 2 girls sometimes do the duty for me, and they hate it. I tell them not to be so squeamish; just roll up your sleeves, grit your teeth and do it. This is training for motherhood, and as a mother you will spend plenty of time with poop on your hands. Just remember to wash your hands.
I had to laugh and poke fun when I saw the 13yo using a toilet brush to swirl the soiled underpants. The bristles firmly gripped the cloth when she flushed and refilled. As if she were using a spoon to wring out her teabag, she used the brush to wring the offending garment against the bowl of the toilet, then deftly lifted it out, having touched nothing more defiling than the handle of the toilet brush.
I laughed, but I didn’t forget.
Today, Rachael is having accidents. After cleaning her up I furtively glanced around, and closed the bathroom door. I grabbed the toilet brush and finished the job. And it worked for me.
I wonder if Shannon would want to know?
Did you want to know? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  1. My mother used to tell me that a “lazy man does twice the work”…I’m thinking she might have been wrong. That’s an awesome trick! I’m going to remember that one.

  2. This is such a funny post. 🙂

  3. tmi??? nah, I’m a mom of six. Some days poop has been my life lol. Slapping myself on the forehead saying “why didn’t I think of that” though 🙂

    A funny: We had a stomach bug on Christmas Eve. My 3yods has never really thrown up before. When he started to get sick he said “mom, my mouth is pooping!” Never heard it put that way before but I’m sure that’s what it seemed like. And it smelled like it too. 😉


  4. Wow, I’m going to have to remember that! Seriously! We’re not having great success at potty learning. My 3yo is completely potty trained, IF we are not at home. At home she’ll pee or poop wherever she is. Nothing works. Rewards or discipline. She’s a tough one.

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