The book of Joshua: a quiz

Our church has been studying the book of Joshua for Sunday School. The next two weeks will be a review quiz, in which the congregation separates into two groups and competes to answer questions chapter by chapter. Children 10yo and under are allowed to have a “lifeline,” meaning they can get help from an adult of their choice.
Ideally, everyone will have at least one turn to answer a question.
In preparation (and as an aid in my own studying) I made up a list of sample questions. So far I have covered the first 8 chapters.
How many can you answer without looking? The number after each question tells in which verse you’ll find the answer. Oops. I got sloppy – no verse numbers for chapter 2 questions.

Ch. 1

  1. Name 2 boundaries of Israel’s territory. 4
  2. What should not depart from Joshua’s mouth? 8
  3. How many days did Joshua give the people to prepare their provisions? 11
  4. Which tribes settled east of the Jordan river? 12

Ch. 2

  1. How many men did Joshua send to Jericho?
  2. What type of plant did Rahab use to hide the men?
  3. Where was Rahab’s house built?
  4. Where did she tell them to hide when she sent them out?
  5. For how many days did she tell them to hide?

Ch. 3

  1. From which city did they set out to conquer Jericho? 1
  2. Who was to carry the ark of the covenant? 3
  3. What was to be the distance between the people and the ark? 4
  4. What miracle did Joshua perform?
  5. Whose feet were dipped in the water before the river stopped? 15
  6. At what city did the waters stand in a heap? 16
  7. Into what sea does the Jordan flow? 16

Ch. 4

  1. What did the 12 men take from the river? 3
  2. From which part of the river did they take the objects? 3
  3. Where did they put them? 8
  4. Where did Joshua put 12 stones? 9
  5. How many men ready for war passed over? 13
  6. On what day did the people cross over the Jordan? 19
  7. Where did they camp? 19

Ch. 5

  1. What kind of knives did God command Joshua to use to circumcise the sons of Israel? 2
  2. Where did Joshua circumcise the sons of Israel? 3
  3. Why did the sons of Israel need to be circumcised? 7
  4. What did they call the name of that place afterward? 9
  5. What feast did the people celebrate at Gilgal? 10
  6. When did the manna cease? 12

Ch. 6

  1. For how many days did the people march once around the city? 3
  2. How many priests and trumpets went before the ark? 4
  3. What 3 noises were to happen at once on the 7th day? 5
  4. Who went before and after the ark and the priests? 9
  5. How many times did they blow the trumpets on the first 6 days? 13
  6. Which items were to go into the treasury of the Lord? 19
  7. What did they do to the city after killing the people and livestock? 24

Ch. 7

  1. Who took some of the devoted things? 1
  2. Which city did they spy out after Jericho? 2
  3. How many men did the spies recommend for the attack? 3
  4. How many men of Israel were killed in the attack? 5
  5. How was the culprit singled out? 14
  6. What had he stolen? 21
  7. Where were the items hidden? 21
  8. What did they do to Achan, his family, and his livestock? 25

Ch. 8

  1. By what tactic did God command the Israelites to attack Ai? 2
  2. How many men attacked Ai? 3
  3. What did they do to the city as soon as they had taken it? 8
  4. How many men did Joshua set in ambush? 12
  5. What did the people take as plunder? 27
  6. Where did Joshua build an altar to the Lord? 30
  7. In front of which two mountains did the people stand? 33

Here’s a game you can play without guilt! Who wants to play along? Read through the first 8 chapters first, then take the quiz – no peeking. You could even read it aloud to your children, and do the quiz as a group. In this case, you might want to stop and do the questions after each chapter, or break it into two or more sessions.
When you’re done, use your Bible to check your answers.
Give yourself a point for each correct answer, and post your score in the comments. Be sure to tell whether it’s a collective effort or you did it alone.


  1. Stephanie says:

    Yipes! I’ve been absent from Sunday School for awhile, so I have alot of catching up to do. Thanks for making up a study guide for all of us to use. 😉

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