WFMW: saving caps

Just a quick little tip that has saved us more than one headache: have you ever popped the cap off of a marker or a jug of milk, only to have it mysteriously disappear? Where can it possibly go in the course of 5 minutes? Do you really want to put the milk back in the fridge with a rubber-band-and-plastic-wrap lid because you’ve got to leave for the dentist right now and you don’t have time to find the cap which somebody managed to lose even though the milk jug never left the table?

Our solution: We always try to keep an extra cap for commonly used items. When a dry erase marker breathes its last, I toss the cap in the silverware drawer and the marker in the trash. I try to hold onto one or two extra lids for the kids’ markers. I save a cap from each type of milk jug (pop-on and the threaded type). We don’t save large lids, because these don’t inexplicably disappear during use. Since it’s only small lids, it takes very little space to do this and saves us a lot of time and stress.
It’s a small thing but it sure works for me.
Now maybe I should start keeping the girls’ shoes in the silverware drawer…


  1. Girl Gone Wild says:

    Great tip! I grumble about it but never thought to keep extra lids. Seems so simple.

  2. I’ts my nature to save this kind of thing just for these reasons. It’s my dh’s nature to chuck them! It’s a never ending cycle. But the silverware thing has that extra small compartment. That might be a place he would agree to!

  3. Joyce's Ramblings says:

    Hope the girls have small feet.

  4. PastorMac's Ann says:

    This is such a great idea!! I do this with the twisty tie from the bread bag but I hadn’t thought the other things. Thanks Kim!

  5. LinesFromTheVine says:

    That is a fantastic idea! We are constantly losing caps around here!

    Thanks for sharing it!


  6. This is SUCH a great idea! So effortless too. Thanks for sharing! =)

  7. Chinamama4 says:

    Great idea! Now, I wonder if there’s room in my silverware drawer for spare socks… 🙂

  8. Mom2fur says:

    You are brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Of course, if you could figure out where those caps go, you’d be another Einstein. I love the idea of saving some caps for when things like this happen!

    Have a great Wednesday.

  10. Lauren S. says:

    Smart tip! Thanks, and thanks for visiting my blog as well!

  11. Great! I already do this with bread ties, but never thought to do it with small lids, too. Thanks!

  12. MC Milker says:

    Great idea! We always have this problem!

  13. Overwhelmed! says:

    Great idea, Kim! We’re forever loosing marker caps. Next time I thow one out, I’m saving the cap!

  14. Smart! I lost the lid to the milk jug yesterday, and then my husband managed to knock it out of the frig! An extra cap would have been handy. :^)

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