Kid Comedy

Who has been missing the Carnival of Kid Comedy?
Here’s the plan: post a funny about your children this week (or dig through your archives and find one). On Friday, I’ll re-open the Carnival of Kid Comedy with Mr. Linky and you can linky your post.
Why Friday? Well, weekends are quiet in our house and in the Blogworld so it can stay near the top, leaving time for more people to linky-up. And I can’t deny that it’s a nice tie-in to Friday Funnies over at Girl Talk.
Who’s on board?


  1. I’m so happy! I missed it so much! I will have to go digging! Trinity is full of funny stuff.

  2. Treasurekeeper says:

    I’m in :). If I can’t post anything recent I know I’ve got a lot to choose from in my archives ;).

  3. Henry Cate says:

    I can’t think of anything real funny our daughters have done recently.

    I’ll ask them in the morning if one of them has done something funny.

    I’ll mention the carnival on our blog.

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