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Last week’s Kid Comedy had 20 links – what a great response!
This week the mood is a bit more somber. Our nation is mourning the loss of 32 lives this week. Each victim and the shooter himself was somebody’s daughter or son. In light of this, let us remember to thank God for each precious day with our own children.
What have your children done to bring a smile to your face and words of thanks to your lips?


We were sitting around the table late this evening, chatting and getting ready to start family worship, when the 2yo looked up in sudden realization.
“Mom, we didn’t do pushups!” She slid down from her chair, dropped, and gave us 8. That’s as far as she could count.
Hubby looked rather interested and moderately impressed. He turned to me. “Have you been doing pushups?”
Um, no. But now I am.



  1. *MichiganMomma* says:

    This is not really all that comedic – but really made me smile. Oh, if only the world could view me through my son’s eyes!!


  2. I guess I could keep up with you if I had more kids… there is not too many funny things around here… I’ll try the only funny thing that happened this week…

    My kid’s daddy is part italian. As you can imagine, these guys eat. My son ate half a chicken when he turned 2, in a sitting. Now that we have a “little” girl, we are all wondering if she will have the italian appetite or mine… that question was answered this week… First, she started having fits every time she would see me put a spoon to my mouth. So I gave her a tiny bit of my mashed potatoes, and she DEVOURED it. Ok, I guess she is ready for solids…

    Next meal, baby cereals. Of course, my son was observing her, delighted to see her eat like him… there was a blob of cereals under the spoon, so she stucked her tongue out and licked it “SHE GOT IT!!! SHE GOT IT!!” Was all we could hear, and while her big brother was yelling it, she grabbed the spoon out of my hands and shoved it in her mouth.

    Decidedly, italian. 🙂

    Sorry I have nothing funnier than that!

  3. Your 2yo can count until 8?! wow! that’s great!! I’d like to homeschool my kids someday… but it’s illegal were I live.

  4. ummm… I just added my link. I still have no idea why….

  5. We’re equal opportunity…this is one that happened with my hubby.

  6. Lady Why says:

    I love Kid Comedy too! Maybe it’s because we have so much of it around here!!

  7. My first kid comedy contribution! YAY!

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