Kid Comedy

Were your kids funny this week? Mine were much too wiped out from last week, so we’re running a little low on laughter. Please, share your laughs with us!
When you add your link below, please remember to link to your specific post rather than to the front page of your blog. That way we can still find your post after you have added new ones.
Thanks for playing along. I’ll be commanding my kids to be funnier next week so y’all won’t always have to pick up the slack for us.


  1. Oh, a bit from my son and his brand new baby sister.

  2. *MichiganMomma* says:

    Okay, I thought of an even more hilarious funny from my son. You GOTTA read it!!

    ~Lori (again, sorry)

  3. *MichiganMomma* says:

    Agreed. I need to blog more on the funny stuff. My four really do keep my laughing – even when I shouldn’t (ya know, when what they do is *wrong* but oooh-so-funny).


  4. Jennifer says:

    I’ve read your blog pretty often, but just stumbled across this. I have just started posting the funny stuff for the week in a Friday post. So cool that I found this! So I added my link too. Maybe this will keep me remembering to do it weekly!
    And your little one scooting is too cute!

  5. Glad you are restarting the carnival.


    Are you actually having the KC again? I have missed it. I posted a story yesterday.

  7. Michelle says:

    My littles seemingly keep me in stitches and rarely do I blog it or write it down. I’m so glad you remind me to do both!

  8. I realised last week I keep laughing with my son… but I also keep forgetting about it before it is time for your Kid comedy!

  9. Thanks for the reminder to not take the funny stuff for granted…I used to post a lot more funny stuff than I do now.

  10. Lora Lynn says:

    Yea, mine weren’t that funny this week either. 🙂 I think the problem is, we start to take it for granted and forget to blog about it. This week they taught me much more than I taught them. Here’s the best I’ve got for the week…

  11. Lookie here – I’m the first participant in the linky carnival on my own blog.
    I just realized how much we laughed about The Boy’s accomplishments and discoveries earlier this week.
    Silly me. How could anyone a week with 8 kids and not laugh?

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