Fun lessons on manners

Do you know about Hoops and Yoyo? You’ll either love them or find them incredibly annoying. I think they’re adorable in a hyperactive way. It helps that my sweet hubby sends me e-cards featuring these guys, so I get warm fuzzies every time I see them.
Here’s a great way to meet them:

Hoops & Yoyo talk about manners
Hoops and Yoyo demonstate the right way and the wrong way to handle 9 different situations.
This will give you and your kids some good laughs and plenty to talk about. I even had them try to explain what the characters did wrong in each case or guess what they would do wrong before they saw it.
I especially appreciated lesson about asking to go out and play. I would like to dedicate it to each and every one of my children.
Ya got that, kiddos?

  1. opening a door
  2. using a napkin
  3. blowing your nose
  4. asking to go out and play
  5. wash your hands!
  6. hallway “how are ya?”
  7. how to open a Christmas present
  8. the big SNEEZE
  9. talking with your mouth full


  1. smarshmallow says:

    My kids and I looked at these quite some time back. Mine too are working on yelling for mom to go outside and play-that scene LOOKED like my house, lol!!

    ~Candi (Homekeeper at Heart)

  2. Thanks for posting these. We’re focusing on manners at my house right now, and I think my kids will like these.

  3. very cute!!!

  4. rcsnickers says:

    oh how hilarious! Will definately show this to the kids. We are working on the “yelling for Mom upstairs to ask about going out to play.”

    Thanks for sharing this great cartoon!


  5. I LOVE hoops and yoyo too!!!!!!!

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