The sound of sanity

Thanks to a reminder from the Headmistress, we have reinstituted the Quiet Time tradition in our house.
From 2-4PM, all activity ceases. We find places wherein we can imagine that we are alone (this takes creativity with 9 of us in an open layout with less than 1100 square feet) and we find quiet, solitary things to do.
Deanna is reading in her top bunk bed.
Kaitlyn is working a puzzle on the living room floor.
Lydia is reading on the top bunk in her room.
Megan is reading on the bunk below Lydia. They are strictly forbidden from interacting.
Natalie is resting in the kitchen, on a pillow and blanket on the floor. She is behind the island so that she cannot see the living room.
Becca is in a makeshift tent in the living room so that she cannot see Kaitlyn or Natalie.
Rachael is in a makeshift tent in my room, where she won’t see me when I retire.
The Boy is in his playpen resting quietly. oops. Now not so quietly.
Maybe I won’t be retiring alone…


  1. mattswife1990 says:

    I meant, I need to work on it being more of a quiet time for everybody! (not “I’m need…”!)

    Amy 🙂

  2. mattswife1990 says:


    I’m also intrigued by the fact that all of you live in less than 1100 square feet!

    We have five kids and just moved into a 1631 sq. ft. home (in a subdivision) short-term rental while we figure out where we want to live long-term. We are thinking of renting a house on 5 beautiful acres, but it is only 1218 sq. feet. Reading this post encouraged me today… maybe we *can* make this work!

    I, too, enjoy nap time, but have to work on getting my older kids to actually be quiet while the younger ones are sleeping. I’m need to work on it being more of a *quiet* time for everybody. 🙂

    Amy 🙂

  3. We do quiet time, but I can barely get them to do an hour…wow – this keeps me focused – it can be done! (they are 4, 2 and baby).

  4. The Homeschool and Etc. Blog says:


    Hey, totally unrelated, but thanks for saving me $17 on my last CBD order!!


  5. I am a firm believer in quiet time!

    And now it’s my 15yr old daughter’s favorite time too. 😉

  6. Stephanie says:

    I love rest/quiet/nap time! Some days it’s all that gets me through lunch.

  7. Mike & Misty says:

    Wow! I was despairing of fitting more children into our 900+ square foot house. You’ve given me hope that maybe we DON’T have to move for a while 🙂 Can you talk about your space in a post? Maybe how many bedrooms, how many other rooms, what you do to keep a small space manageable?

  8. Hofwoman says:

    I like your rule too – sounds like you could get in some serious napping 🙂

  9. MikeandCharlsie says:

    This is my favorite rule! I am glad to see that another mother uses it even when her kids are older because that is what I plan to do. I also loved how you described it, it help me see what our future will be like.

  10. ~*~Hallie~*~ says:

    As a child my mother always instituted the “quiet time” rule on weekends when all 6 of us kids would be home from school. I used to think it was ridiculous as a kid, but now as a mom myself, I LOVE this rule!

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