WFMW: parenting edition

Shannon has planned a themed edition of Works-For-Me-Wednesday:
What parenting lessons have you learned the hard way? What would you tell a first-time parent?
Oh my. Where to begin? And how much do we want to scare the newbies?

  • Beatrix Potter was a wonderful, talented author with a rich and lively vocabulary, but do not read The Roly-Poly Pudding to your children. They will think that rats live inside your walls and that their own kitten is in danger of being rolled in pastry and cooked. They will save their kitten by pouring gallons of water inside the wall to drown the rats.
  • Don’t trust itty-bitty nail clippers to clip itty-bitty baby nails. If you doubt me, I’ll show you the 34 year old scar on the tip of my 34 year old finger. And then I’ll show you the 3 year old scar on our 3yo Rachael.
  • And then there’s this little lesson, learned the hard way.
  • Even though little boys like to play rough, they do not necessarily like it when little girls hold them down and take turns punching them in the belly.

And on a more serious note, here’s what we have learned over the years. We knew it before, but have seen it in action now.
Your children are mirrors, but not just regular mirrors. Children are like those little makeup mirrors that make your pores look enormous. In them, you will see your own strengths and weaknesses reflected and magnified. This is powerful motivation to conquer our own sins and weaknesses sooner rather than later, because even those shortcomings that seem only to hurt ourselves will hurt our children when they learn to imitate us.
Children are one of God’s mechanisms for sanctifying us and for holding us responsible for our actions. If we don’t like the way our children are turning out, we have no one to blame but ourselves.
Children are our report card on life. And they sometimes make it hard to fake a good grade.


  1. Mommy Reg says:

    Your posts are so right on! I just had to finally comment. Every time my kids show less than acceptable behavior I go back and examine my behavior as I am positive I showed them how to behave that way at some point.

  2. Gwendolyn says:

    How true. It amazes me sometimes how some of my children’s most annoying behavior can be traced right back to mine. :o(

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the head’s up on the book. = )

  4. Baby Blog says:

    Kim- I read you blog all the time and finally had to post! You can really cheer me up on a rough day which seems to happen a lot! My kids always wonder what im laughing at! Every time we get a package from Vision Forum it has your hubby’s name on it and i say-Hey-I kindof sortof know his wife. Thanks for being very real!

  5. I had to read, wondering what pastry wrapped kittens were. 🙂 So true on those awful make-up mirrors and our kids mirroring us, too.

  6. I’ve never heard of that book. But I agree with your post. I can only imagine all of the things parents don’t even realize they do until they have children copying them.

    BTW, I tagged you. You can check my blog and see the rules. If you don’t want to play by them, fine. I wouldn’t have asked anybody else to do it except that it was part of the rules (of course). If you don’t go along with it, it’s certainly fine with me.

  7. So very true! And I will avoid that book like the plague!

  8. “Our children become who we are, so be what you want them to be.”

    I read that recently, and unfortunately I have no idea where it came from nor who wrote it….

    One of the things I have learned the hard way is to not allow myself to give in to sarcastic comments when I am talking to my children, because if there is one thing that is as sobering as a glass of ice water splashed in the face, it’s hearing your 4 year old echo something that you have said in that nasty, derisive tone of voice…..I can tell them not to talk like that all I want, but how can we nip it in the bud if I continue to talk like that myself?? That’s one hard lesson to learn!

    Your posts are always right on.

    Leanne in Longview WA

  9. meNmykids says:

    You are so right. I would have to agree with everything that you said. Sometimes my report card doesn’t look too good. My fault. Makes you want to work for the A’s.

  10. Happy Momma says:

    We have the Rolly Polly Pudding on DVD… is a favorite around here but funny enough she just thinks rats are more gross than ever, and when we go to Petsmart…she passes them quickly!

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