Marx’s feminism

Cultural Marxism [footnote]
The goal of Marx’s feminism was to Marxize the thinking of women, then men, then the entire culture. Notice how women were first on their list? Recall that Satan targeted a woman first, too. God’s enemies have recognized that women are not only the weaker vessels, and consequently more easily led, but they are incredibly influential over their husbands (think of Eve again) and children, and they make excellent and loyal helpers.
“Unless millions of women are with us,” stated Lenin, “we cannot exercise the proletarian dictatorship, cannot construct on communist lines. We must find our way to them, we must study and try to find that way.”[footnote] He insisted, “There can be no real mass movement without women.”[footnote]
So Much More, pg. 65


  1. You could see it that way, or see it as though women would benefit the most from their way of thinking. It is also true that many evils first target to men, cigars, binge drinking, addiction to video games, porno, etc…

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