I missed the boat on Menu Monday, but nonetheless, here it is. I need some accountability in this area, so I’m posting for all the world to see. Just don’t ask me how it went when next Monday rolls around.
My plans rarely include side dishes or snacks. We figure those out as we go, though I’m not recommending the method. Don’t assume that we never eat fresh fruit or veggies just because you don’t see it in the plan! Menu planning is one of several areas that have become very unstructured, in part because I have so many helpers who can figure it out for me at the last minute.
Hubby is low-carbing and I feel better when I eat that way too, so a few dinners are different for adults/children. Sometimes I plan a different dinner for the kids just because there’s an easy option that they prefer and they often like to cook the Kid Dinner. I even let them plan portions of the menu for themselves – with my approval, of course.
Hubby gets home late so we rarely eat all together, though the children often join us at the table.

breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: leftovers
dinner: hamburger patties w/mushroom gravy, salad, mixed veggies

breakfast: breakfast burritos
lunch: beanie weenies
dinner: taco salad

breakfast: pancakes
lunch: bologna sandwiches
dinner: chicken caesar salad for adults, chicken stir fry for kids

breakfast: muffins
lunch: quesadillas
dinner: burgers for adults, sloppy joes for kids

breakfast: biscuits and gravy
lunch: buttered noodles
dinner: pizza night – every Friday!

breakfast: cold pizza
lunch: leftovers
dinner: jambalaya

breakfast: ummm…pour a glass of milk and get your tail in the van!
lunch: baked herb chicken (cook in roaster at church for fellowship afterward)
dinner: leftovers and snackage (we don’t really eat a 3rd meal after the church fellowship meal on Sundays)


  1. Tully Family says:

    Thanks, Kim! I’m going to have to try the Jambalaya & Biscuits and Gravy recipes… if it is okay with your hubby for a northern girl to make them. (I do love the South!)

  2. My mushroom gravy is a big can of cream of mushroom soup stirred into the pan drippings, and simmered with the burgers until serving time. Not good for you, but oh boy does it taste good!

    For those who asked, I have updated the post w/links to the recipes that I have posted in the past. I just realized that I’ve never posted my recipe for baked herb chicken, so will do that soon.

  3. Good work! I love having my menu plan. The effort equals a very peaceful week. I just started a weekly plan for what we eat for breakfasts and lunches each week (the same every Monday …). Today was Tuesday – tuna. And steel cut oats for breakfast. I get up from schooling and don’t have to think what to make – I already know.

    I confess – I would get SO big on those meals you cook. But you look so great.

  4. Tully Family says:

    Love to see the recipe for “jambalaya!”

  5. Sounds like your off to a great start! Your menu sure looks yummy!

    My favorite meal is the cold Pizza for breakfast!! 🙂

    Jambalaya sounds good too, im in Louisiana so that is our comfort food!

    Menu planning has made such a difference for us, it has been a real blessing!


  6. Kim,
    Do you make the mushroom gravy homemade? If you do-can I have the recipe?
    Also-what is biscuits and gravy for Fri. B-fast? Is it like what some people have for dinner?

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