Baked Herb Chicken and other recipes

These links have been saved in my bloglines, just waiting for me to remember not to forget to try them someday. Don’t they look delicious? Forget meeting at the park; if I ever mirl with these people, I want them to invite me to their homes for a meal!

And here’s my easy recipe for Baked Herb Chicken, as seen in my menu last week. Easy, frugal, and always gets rave reviews.

Baked Herb ChickenI make this in my 18 qt. electric roaster for church fellowships; it feeds a crowd. You could cut it in half for a 9×13 to feed 6-8.

3-4 cups uncooked rice
8 lbs. chicken pieces – I use legs and thighs because they’re cheap
1 large can cream-of-something soup. Yes, I’m ashamed. Just open the can and don’t tell anyone.
6-8 cups water (twice as much water as rice)
1 chicken bouillon cube for each cup of water
2-3 Tbs. of seasoning – I like basil or Italian seasoning. I think Cajun sounds good but haven’t tried it yet.
2 tsp. lemon juice – adds a subtle edge to the dish. Don’t worry; it won’t taste lemony.

Now the easy part:

  • Grease the pan. Spread dry rice evenly across the bottom.
  • Arrange raw chicken on top.
  • Combine remaining ingredients and pour over chicken and rice.
  • Cover and cook until chicken and rice are done. I plug this in before church at 300 degrees and it’s done in 2.5-3 hours. In a regular oven, it would take about 1.5 hours at 325.

We had a bit left over and used it later as the base for a cheesy chicken/broccoli casserole. I deboned the chicken, stirred it into the rice, and added a package of broccoli w/the cooking liquid, some shredded cheese, and heated til bubbly.
Yummy again!


  1. My mom used to make this all the time, and I carried that on for a long time, until I started to be very sensitive to MSG and salicylates, which are in the soups and broth. We usually just add water and more herbs/seasonings, but does anyone have a good suggestion for another way? I love this easy dish, which tastes like you fussed, feeds a crowd and is delicious!
    Thanks for sharing, Kim!

  2. MommaofMany says:

    40 cloves is a wonderful recipe! I heard it from Alton Brown (good Eats) from the Food Network. He’s our favorite! My husband, who doesn’t like big doses of garlic, likes that meal! Try it!


  3. Stephanie says:

    I can testify that Kim’s herb chicken recipe is yummers—we had the pleasure of tasting it this past Sunday, and it is so savory it almost reminds you of Chicken n’ Dumplings. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    And I can testify to Granny’s 40 garlic clove chicken, as well. Pretty yummy, and not nearly as garlic-y as you might think.

  4. My mom used to make a chicken and rice dish that was very similar to this. Except hers didn’t use herbs, and instead of water/bouillon she used milk. We used to love it!

  5. Good. I feel like having herb chicken tonight! Have you every tried curry powder with it? I wonder how this would work in a big slow cooker?

  6. Wow, yum. The Herb chicken recipe sound so good! So if I have two and a wee bit people in my famil would that be fourths or eighths? 🙂 -everychapter

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