Can’t wait for frugal friday!

I just posted on Frugal Hacks about 2 very different deals, each fabulously frugal and exciting in its own way.
One could easily be tied to chocolate, and the other has to do with books. See why it’s so hard to choose a favorite?


  1. Sallie,
    I thought I answered your question about the catalog, but I see it didn’t show up here.
    The catalogs are beginning to ship now. If you are on the mailing list you should be getting a new one any time.
    If not, you can join the mailing list here

  2. They were great deals but we’ve come to the conclusion that only hardwood shelves work for us. We buy old books, many of them large heavy ones, at used book stores all the time and so we don’t trust others to hold their weight. It’s another one of those ‘paying more up front’ things that was talked about a week or so ago on FH.

    By the way, I was curious, since your hubby works there, is a new VF catalog on its way out? And maybe with another hunt of some sort? We had so much fun with the JT400 🙂

    God bless,

  3. You are looking to people’s suggestions? or have a few you are just busting to share? both, maybe?


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