Dad’s Corner: You need this movie

Every now and again I come across a product or 2 that makes me stand up and say, “WOW! I really have to have that.” From audio cds to books, there are available to the Christian today an incredible array of teaching tools, entertainment options, and reference materials.

Some are incredible deals, some essential worldview training tools. From time to time I feel like I just HAVE to tell folks about some of our favorites.

I talked about the Gunn Brothers films in the past but this one bears repeating, especially in light of its winning Best of Festival at the 2007 SAICFF. It’s the “Monstrous Regiment” DVD.

Colin, Emily and Euan Gunn have put together a clear, stark and honest look at feminism and its effects on the modern world.

If you don’t have this video you must buy it. In fact buy 2 or three so you can give them away – it’s that good.

Don’t believe me? Watch the 2 trailers.I am a father of 8: seven daughters and one son, ages 14 to 1. I consider this film one of the must-have worldview training videos in our family library. I have had all my daughters watch it. We used caution with how much each of the children saw of the movie, but the Gunns do a marvelous job of balancing how they portray evil without being offensively graphic.Buy the movie, watch it once with your spouse, and then watch it several times with your family, friends and your church. This movie will equip you with the tools to become eloquent in refuting feminism.Go to to buy the movie. It’s an eye opener.Don’t wait. Do it now 🙂


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, however shouldn’t Christians be more concerned about poverty, starvation, and injustice in the world? Should not we care about the women in Africa and elsewhere? This is precisely why the humanitarians claim hypocrisy in our beliefs.

  2. Thank you so much for telling about this. I have already ordered it and am promoting it on my site as well.

  3. We watched this movie and loved it. It had so much good information given in a simple straightforward manner. We highly recommend it as well.

  4. I’m glad for your review, as I just ordered it! All I saw were the two trailers, and a little of the “hate mail” 🙂 the Gunns have received. While watching the trailers, I thought, “Yeah, truth, truth…” and wondered why people have such a problem with it. Aha.
    I am, too, currently reading Passionate Housewives Desperate for God. WONDERFULLY, Scripturally sound.

  5. Yes! This is a terrific movie. Very, very informative and empowering. 🙂 I just watched it last night. Wow.

  6. I cannot wait to see this movie! I hope we can order it soon! I’m amazed that finally someone is putting out material like this! It is very encouraging!

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