Monday lists

Chores are still being rotated weekly. This is relatively new for us but seems to be providing a nice balance of variety and accountability.
7yo Natalie has recently started Real Chores with lots of help and oversight, and 6yo Becca is practicing certain elements of larger chores rather than being in the Big Girl Rotation.

  • Deanna: Dining room (includes table, side table, bookshelf, sweep)
  • Kaitlyn: Bathroom (all the expected duties)
  • Lydia: Kitchen (everything but dishes, which are a group effort)
  • Megan: Animals & Laundry room (4 dogs, 2 cats and litter box, 2 gerbils, 2 rabbits, straighten and sweep laundry room, start 2 load each of lights and darks)
  • Natalie: Living room (general pick up, straighten toys, dvds and books, vacuum)
  • Becca: straighten bookshelves throughout the house

Last week was our first time in quite a while to have a menu for the week. While we didn’t rigidly obey it, it did provide an easy guideline and freed up my brain cells for other important thoughts like…important stuff.
Here’s what we have planned for this week. If you are really paying attention you might notice some of the same meals you saw last week. These are probably the ones that didn’t actually happen last week, though a couple are just meals we especially like and don’t mind eating 2 weeks in a row.
I have a lot of groceries left from last week so really don’t need to shop much this week. I’ll just pick up a few odds and ends when we’re out for dentist appointments tomorrow. Of course, odds and ends for a household of 10 usually means just one mostly-filled grocery cart.
If you notice a lot of ground beef meals last week and this week, it’s because we found some great buys and that’s what in the freezer. Hubby is fond of saying that red meat is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

breakfast: leftover muffins
lunch: leftovers: bean/cheese quesadillas (we butter the outside and cook these on the griddle. mmm!)
dinner: taco salad

breakfast: breakfast burritos (egg and cheese, maybe w/a bit of sausage)
lunch: picnic between dentist appointments (pb & j, carrot sticks, fruit, jug of water)
dinner: cheesy chicken/broccoli/rice casserole for potluck @ my sister’s house

breakfast: muffins
lunch: pasta w/leftover spaghetti sauce
dinner: hamburger patties w/mushroom gravy, salad

breakfast: hasty pudding, a la Laura Ingalls
lunch: beanie weenies (we didn’t do this last week)
dinner: jambalaya (we didn’t do this one last week)

breakfast: pancakes
lunch: Ramen noodles
dinner: pizza night – every Friday!

breakfast: cold pizza
lunch: leftovers
dinner: TBA

breakfast: ummm…pour a glass of milk and get your tail in the van!
lunch: TBA (church fellowship)
dinner: leftovers and snackage (we don’t really eat a 3rd meal after the church fellowship meal on Sundays)

Mondays always take a while to reassemble the house. Does your house fall apart over the weekend too? We always seem to be so busy on projects and family time that we forget to do the usual maintenance, so we wake up to a fearsome sight on Monday morning.
Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish in addition to general cleanup and a bit of school. Tell me if you think I’m crazy.

  • Grout the tile that we have laid so far in the bathroom. The tile is mostly but not entirely glued down; I’d like to grout what we have done so far.
  • Cut and attach a thin layer of plywood to shim out a narrow ledge that we still need to tile, so I can tile that as well. After that, we’ll just need to do around the window and the shower enclosure will be finished. I think. I hope.
  • Paint the girls’ bedroom in preparation for a major 3-way bedroom swap.
  • Stain the boards for the built-in living bookcase that I’ve been in the process of building for the last 2 years.


  1. Christine says:

    We just discovered, and are having so much fun with it! The kids are begging for more things to do, hoping that they’ll get to battle a monster (which I get to “create” myself – one being Barry Manilow! ha! ha!).

  2. Christina says:

    And to think that I thought that I was busy! You Go, Girl!!!

  3. HomemakerAng says:

    I pray I AM nesting 🙂 it won’t be long now! I am very ambitious always, yes, I shoot hight and hit about 50-60% 🙂 gotta shoot high right!! my blog went private due to harrassment BIG TIME… i will put you on the invite list… Like you have any time to look at one more blog RIGHT? God Bless you!
    find the spider yet???

  4. Thanks to the dunhams, I left the grout to last – and didn’t get to it.
    But the rest of the list is [mostly] done, and when I’m finally ready to grout it should be a one-time job.
    There’s still one tiny difficult area to tile plus the window sill – which could be difficult too – then the entire tub/shower enclosure will be ready to grout.
    A couple of the boards for the bookshelves need another coat of finish and we’ll be ready to cut and assemble. We’ll still need to buy, stain, cut and attach the trim for the bookshelves, but that’s finish work. We might not do that for another 2 years. 😉

    Your list makes me feel lazy and unambitious! Halfway through that is a good day when you’re not pregnant – can we assume you’re “nesting”?

  5. What!? Yes- you are crazy….Now I didn’t say that I don’t often (really often) hold myself to similar wildly optomistic expectations, but looking at it from the outside- yes, you’re nuts! I’ll pray that you get some done and that God will impart peace for the undone items! 🙂 everychapter

  6. HomemakerAng says:

    i say you are crazy, but no more than i…

    almost 38 weeks pregnant
    plan today
    wash 2500 sq feet of flooring
    wash windows, clean bathroom, milk goat, school 4 kids, make supper, catch up on all weekend laundry and clean and organize school room… oh and dont forget i need to rotate seasonal clothes as the temperature is dropping here…

    i have about 50% of it finished and its 430 pm… its not looking to good …. 🙂

    I dont dare take my shoes off for fear i wont get them back on either due to feet swelling 🙂

  7. The Dunhams says:

    I don’t think you are crazy – my to do list often looks the same. I don’t get much of it done it seems, though. My advice on grout – wait until all the tiling in the bathroom is done. It is such a messy job and with having to mix the grout and all, my vote would be wait. We had our last bathroom ungrouted for over a year and all came out okay. We have grouted parts of rooms in the past as we got those parts finished and have decided it is a waste of time doing partial rooms. And if you take my advice, you can cross something off of your to-do list – You gotta love that!! ha ha 🙂

  8. Wow, sounds like you have a great plan for this week (meals and chores and such too! I’m impressed).

  9. meNmykids says:

    I personally think your are being a little optimistic. However, if you never aim high you sure won’t reach it. With those goals you will probably accomplish more than without them.

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