Reasons to Homeschool, #4,391

I know that not all Christians agree, but I wholeheartedly believe that the public school system is no place for a Christian child.

In California, the case has become even stronger. SB 777 has passed the California State Senate and was signed into law. This law, strongly supported by the California Teacher’s Association and the PTA, has a myriad of effects that should horrify any Christian parent who has children in the public school system:

  • Textbooks, instructional materials and school-sponsored activities must positively portray cross-dressing, sex-change operations, homosexual ‘marriages’ and all aspects of homosexuality and bisexuality, including so-called ‘gay history.’ Silence on the topics will not be allowed.
  • A person’s gender has been redefined to personal preferance, and not dependent upon the person’s “assigned sex” at birth.
  • Words such as “mom” and “dad” and “husband” and “wife” would have to be edited from all texts.
  • Cheerleading and sports teams would have to be gender-neutral.
  • Prom kings and queens would be banned, or if featured, would have to be gender neutral so that the king could be female and the queen male.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms could be required for those confused about their gender identity.
  • A male who believes he really is female would be allowed into the women’s restroom, and a woman believing herself a male would be allowed into a men’s room.
  • Even scientific information, such has statistics showing AIDS rates in the homosexual community or statistics relating to births or deaths among various cultural groups, could be banned.

Do you think this doesn’t affect you or your children because you don’t live in California?

Think again. California is the largest purchaser of textbooks in the nation. New editions of textbooks will likely be edited by publishers to meet the new requirements in California.

Even if your child is in a public school in the conservative midwest or in the South, this is going to affect your child and your family.

Please, think about it.

More attacks upon the family and Christianity signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger in recent weeks:

  • AB394 creates the circumstances where a parent who says marriage is only for a man and a woman in the presence of a lesbian teacher could be convicted of “harassment,” and a student who believes people are born either male or female could be reported as a “harasser” by a male teacher who wears women’s clothes.
  • AB14 prohibits state funding for any program that does not support a range of alternative sexual practices, including state-funded social services run by churches. This opens up nonprofit organizations to lawsuits if they exclude members that engage in homosexual, bisexual, or transsexual conduct.
  • The governor with his signature also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa.


  1. oops. i meant cultural sensitivity…

  2. I’ve recently heard about this CA mess. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, however, my hubby wasn’t surprised. I could never, ever, send my children to public school. I want them by my side, learning what God expects from them and from us as parents. We were just talking to our girls tonight and they even voiced that they could never go to public school. They see what is happening and know that it is no place for them.

  3. This is so sad. My children were in public school up until 2 years ago. One was in 6th grade and the other came home a year later in 10th grade. There is damage being done, even if it isn’t obvious right away. I praise the Lord tht I am homeschooling now, I see them growing in their faith. This is what our society has come to. This nation has embraced evil and called it good.

  4. This is terrible.

  5. Hi. I’m Christian and I’m definitely going to homeschool. I understand how a democratic nation has to espouse culturally sensitivity, so I won’t go into the morality of the issue, but how is this new law practical at all, especially the bathroom/ locker room part? I fear that it could pose different kinds of confusion and danger to the people involved. It’s possible that malicious individuals could capitalize on the situation. Are they going to provide security at each bathroom?

  6. This is a timely and NEEDED post! Thanks fo rthe great information!

  7. Dear Lisa P.

    I certainly hope that my comment above was not seen as an attack on Christians (Parents or not) who supposedly are doing nothing to hinder such legislation passing. It is not my intention to judge anyone.

    Please accept my appology if this is how you perceived my comment.

    Although I am obviously not in California, my children are in a public school system which is being saturated with un-Godly elements/teachings. And my question as to how to deal with this or “raise them up” in this society is really where I think we all would profit from. Regardless of where our kids are schooled, we need to give them the “tools” to come to terms with their lives and the society as it developes around them, and with them.

    God’s strength to you and please do not get discouraged. God knows that you (and others) have put forth efforts to hinder this wickedness. He is in control. And He is sovereign. He knows where this is going… and we have a few hints. As I read from someone’s comment (was it here or elsewhere?): Just take a peek at the end (like any good book, the end of the story is excellent)… it will be a happy end! But until then, we will endure pathos!

  8. Thank you Sallie. It is SO important to pray and not just wring our hands about it.

    There ARE people for whom public school is the only choice. I’m sure there are a great plenty of people for whom that is the case. As for me, I’m blessed that my husband has allowed me to homeschool two of my younger children. Two are in public schools because that is where HE wants them to be right now.

    It does make me that much more concerned, and that much more vigilant about things going on. Thankfully *at present,* my older children seem to be following God, although we all know of examples of great kids from crummy parents, or crummy kids from great parents who did everything they could.

    Please don’t anybody here start judging parents for the educational “choice” they make for their child. Sometimes it really isn’t a choice! You don’t really know what’s going on in their lives, or the level of conviction they feel. I think it’s entirely possible to put homeschooling forth as the IDEAL but understand there ARE some people who are still Christians who are unable to muster up to what seems to now be an unwritten standard of holiness.

    I’m not trying to pick a fight either… I just would ask that a level of civility and sympathy for those of us “left behind” in the public schools would be demonstrated. Unity in the body of Christ kinda thing.

    Blessings to you all…

  9. Lisa P in California says:

    Kim – Thank you for using your blog to spread the news about what has happened here in CA. To those of you who think the Christians stood by and did are WRONG! We wrote letters and emails and called the governor on ALL of his phone lines to let him know our views. He did what HE wanted to do anyway. Instead of judging us, please pray for the safety of our children and the strength to perservere even after this horrifying defeat. It is crushing to know that all of our efforts were ignored, but to be judged by our own is just as bad.

  10. Bethany — In answer to your question about whether enough of us could make a change: 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

  11. Kim — I already put this on my blog as well. I did not know about the publishing factor though. I’m so glad you shared it!!

    God bless,

  12. I’d heard that if just 1% of parents pulled their kids out of public schools, the system would alter considerably (not collapse financially, but do enough damage). Public schools get their federal aid by headcounts of students. A sudden drop of public school attendance would certainly get their attention.

    Yet even now, things are drastically changing. Here in New York State (where homeschooling is strictly regulated,along with everything else), schools are finding that they must scramble (read: raise property taxes) to make up for the loss of public school students and also with the rapidly declining population as people flee the state.

    Things ARE changing. It has been slow at first (these past two decades), but as parents continue to take responsibility, the quicker the change will commence. This is why many of us homeschoolers are always talking about why others should homeschool! By leaving kids in the public schools year after year, the problem is exacerbated and makes it very hard for the rest of us. Making excuses to keep kids in public schools only gives teeth to the public school humanists who want your kids.

  13. This is not a question that I feel I have the answer to, or to stir up trouble but a genuine question a friend of mine and I stumbled on when we first heard about this:

    At what point are the numbers of people who have pulled their kids out of school going to be large enough or strong enough to change the school system? Is that something that will ever become possible? Or will the number of parents who just don’t care to pay attention plus those with their own agendas outweigh those of us who are raising our children with Higher Standards?

    Does anyone think things could swing in our favor?

  14. Wow. I live in California (San Francisco Bay Area) and I haven’t heard about this law. I’ll have to check on it. Just so you know though, California is not “anything goes”. For example, we have laws that many other states do not that pertain to health matters. Also, on the homeschool issue, sometimes you just can’t do it. But if you work together with your children’t teachers, join the PTA and get involved, it is possible to make a difference.

    Our schools also educate our children about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking much more effectively than most parents do at home. Our kids have been taught from a very early age that bullying behavior is not accepted at school or at home.

    We live in a very ethnically and religously diverse area and I love that they are growing up knowing that there are many other wonderful cultures in the world. And that includes the gay culture, of which their cousin is a member of. I do not consider her to be disgusting or perverted.

    I’m sure that I’m setting myself up for an onslaught of negative comments, but I felt like I had to say something. I’m sorry if I offended any of you.

  15. Well, along with many other things, it is not surprising to me that this has passed.
    I do not know how I could send my child to public school, even though homeschooling is very hard sometimes. I think though it is things like these which help us to think about it, as this drastic rather than gradual!

  16. This does not just make me cringe, it makes me want to curl up in a ball and babble incoherently for hours!

    I agree that public school is no place for Christian children and I hate to hear my brothers and sisters in Christ justify to me why they “can’t” homeschool or just how much their kids love school so they could never take them out (as if the kids get a vote, LOL!).

    That works while they are in elementary school… maybe, but things tend to change a lot in the upper grades.

    Thanks for sharing this… UGH!

  17. Living here in CA, this bill actually passing is appalling. It is, of course, tied up in lawsuits and is not being implemented yet. There is a chance it can be overturned. Let’s all be very politically active over the next couple of months! Of course, it will show up again and again until it IS finally accepted. It’s Sodom everywhere these days! Come, Lord Jesus, come!

    PSST…Jesus wins (I read the end of the Book)


  18. We live in CA. Both my husband and I were born and raised here. We were planning on homeschooling our children who are not quite school age before this law was passed and now certainly will be. This was so distressing to us. Please don’t think that CA Christians don’t care or don’t fight. We do. But we are ignored. Even our “Republican” Gov. falls to the leftist pressure. The ramifications will be huge there is no doubt.

  19. I am afraid there will be those people who genuinly ask: where were the Christian parents while these decisions were being made? But please do not allow yourselves to be distracted by this question (unless you need to answer that for yourself), the next one is more important to me.

    What really interests me: If you understand that this will impact the nation(s) (this will not stop in North America), and even if you homeschool with excellent gender specific material, how will you train your children up to deal with this mess of a society we all anticipate to come from such laws?

    Please consider a post/discussion on this in the near future. It would greatly interest me how to teach our children to react to an environment seeping with confusions and misconceptions.

    As Mrs Mecomber has rightly stated and Kim ferverently posts, we are to train up our children.

    Yes, the main emphasis has to be on Christ, yet we all know that Christ did engage in his public ministry at some point and my question is geared for how to train the child up to step up to it’s public ministry (it’s living in the world… moving amoungst and interacting with those who “enjoyed” a liberal education as those publically schooled in California and elsewhere).

  20. I’m speechless. These laws unbelievable! Never mind Christian parents alone, how can a-n-y parent comply with these? How are children going to build a sexual identity if everything is allowed from the start and no real gender differentiation is allowed by these laws? Do kids really need to be confronted with these situations in school too? Is the real world not enough?

  21. I think that this is just terrible, and a sign that the Lord’s appearing is getting closer every day! I am from Canada, but I would be foolish to think that this doesn’t affect me and my children! Before we know it, these things will be here in Canada as well.

    May the Lord help us and our Countries ~ both Canada and the U.S. We definitely need to pray for our Leaders (such as they are!)

  22. It is horrifying beyond words that such a thing has been signed into law. One can only begin to imagine the ramifications. Things have truly reached a point (gone beyond that point actually!) where one wonders how Christian parents can even think of placing their children in such an environment. Yet, homeschoolers are the ones who still so often get looked at as threats, odd, extremists (pick the adjective) by other believers. Sigh. Truly, truly grieving all around.
    (And just for the sake of wondering…. is it a coincidence that just a week or two after the Governor signed this abominable law into effect that CA was hit with the worst fires in their history?. Not only does that law fly in the very face of God and His creatorial order, it will prove a huge stumblingblock to children and continue the destuction of their innocence at an even greater rate than before.)

    (who was pulled out of the California public schools to be homeschooled 22 years ago.)

  23. Happy Momma,
    You probably already understand this, but I want to make it clear that my goal in writing this post was not to bash California. Instead, I want people to be aware of the national and long-term implications of this law.
    California’s schools will affect our whole nation: textbooks will be tailored to fit California regulations, meaning that any child in the American government school system will soon be getting a “California style” education.
    Our next generation will have been largely educated in the “California style,” whether they hail from San Fransisco or Topeka.
    California may be the leading edge this month, but in a few years that leading edge will very possibly be the industry standard.

  24. This was very disappointing in our household, but hubby and I aren’t surprised. California is a very liberal state where anything goes. I find it more sad and appauling that the “Christians” make up a good portion of our society yet they stand by and allow things to happen. Thank you for highlighting this, most people probably have never heard of this before, like the Golden Compass (I plan to do a post on that awful movie alone).

  25. As I am sure many others believe this is only the beginning of such things. But, really folks it is. We are at a time that I can only imagine the results of what is to come depending on who is elected as our nation’s next “christian” president. Even those top runners and current president who say they are “christian” are just fooling themselves.


  26. The Bible never precisely states, “Thou Shalt Homeschool,” but it never precisely says “Thou Shalt Go To The Bathroom” either! God does tell us as parents to train up a child in the way he should go– and perversion is not one of those ways!

    Centuries ago, our forefathers could send their children to their community schools because they knew the children were taught the Bible and other essential skills by approved teachers from their community. This is no longer the case.

    I challenge EVERY parent who sends their child to public school to RESEARCH the curriculum and the school standards. I challenge these parents to look into the philosophy of the NEA (the union that controls the teachers and administrators) and John Dewey (the founder of modern education). THEN decide if you continue to send your child to public school.

    Just the fact that schools teach evolution, as well as perversion, should send shivers of shame down the spines of moms and dads. Please, look up what your children are learning.


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