Michael Billings: a Redeemer of Time


Michael Billings


When God sends hard providences to us we should first repent and seek God’s face, then we should ask the Lord of Heaven what would He have us learn from His will for us. We know that not every difficult thing God sends our way is divine judgment for some transgression however God does judge sin even today. He tells us that He allows difficult things to occur to teach us patience and to sanctify us.

I have spent this week pondering the death of my dear friend and sword brother Michael Billings, wondering what lesson the Lord would have me learn and pass on to my children during this time of grief and reflection. I am firmly convinced that one lesson He is teaching us is to redeem the time.

Scott Brown said it well on Doug Phillip’s blog

“… In this sense, Michael was a true son of Jonathan Edwards who ‘Resolved, never to lose one moment of time but improve it the most profitable way I can, and Resolved to live with all my might while I do live.’

My prayer is that as a result of his death, that many young and old can learn from this one who was cut down so young. We who are left have not been given the same intellect as Michael, but we have been given the same time…”

We have been given the same time. How do you use yours? Time is an irreplaceable asset. Michael’s example cries out to all of us to use our time unto the Lord.

There have been many men and women who have written about the sturdy virtue Michael exhibited during his short life. His commitment to truth, his thirst for knowledge and precision of thought. I’ll leave you with links to them at the bottom of this post but I will not try and copy them. Many of them knew Michael better than I and all are more gifted at writing – I urge you to read all of them and I promise you none are exaggerated. Such was Michael’s character.

What I want to leave you with is a sense of urgency about how you prioritize your day; seek wisdom now while there is time. Leave off that movie, or video game or piece of fiction and spend more time in God’s word.

Life is short. It is but a vapor. How will you use yours?

I will pray that you purpose tonight to be more diligent to seek God’s will by reading His word and prayer. In our modern world there are many voices calling out for our attention but it is God’s eternal word that give us life. The choices that you make for spending time are inescapably religious and communicate volumes to our children, our spouses, and our friends.

Michael knew this and it was this example that he left to me, and it was this lesson I will be teaching my children.

Fortis in Arduis



Please pray for Michael’s family tonight, his parents especially. They buried their only son today at one pm. Pray for peace that passes understanding.


Nathaniel Darnell shares his recollections of Michael’s last day on this earth.

Crystal ponders the brevity of life.

Mrs. Elliot reflects on the fellowhip of the saints during tests and trials.

Caleb Hayden remembers a young man with a heart for God.

Doug Phillips posts the tributes of many godly men who knew Michael.

Read Jamie Billings sweet words about her relationship with her brother.

Take time to listen to Michael’s sermon on the vapor of life here.



  1. I was really blessed by the sermon on how life is a vapor. I have read these passages time and time again. I asked the Lord what he might teach me through this, though I did not know the young man. God’s word is truly alive. May God comfort and bring wisdom to all those whom have held this gentleman dear.
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. I am so sorry for your familys loss Kim, my word what a young man he was. I went and read all the tributes that all theses wonderful men wrote about him and what an honor it must have been to have known him.
    It is so tragic he was taken so young and the woderings of why God would call him home when he could have accomplished so much, is not mine to question for God’s will is perfect even if we don’t understand.
    I will certainly be in prayer for his family today.

  3. I am so sorry to read about your friend’s death. I have read the tributes that you listed including Doug Phillips’ and I was brought to tears. What a phenomenal young man you were honored to have known. It is so hard to be left behind when someone we love goes Home.

    Thinking of you and thank you for posting his sermon. What a legacy he left for us!


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