A Vision Forum giveaway. Again.

Are you a Vision Forum affiliate yet? Too bad. They are letting each affiliate give away their choice of 2 great products, and there are more special affiliate promotions coming in the future. Is that a great idea or what? Really, do you like it? Can you see me blushing modestly? We thought of it. If you are already an affiliate, then VF is waiting to hear your great idea for helping affiliates. If you’re not an affiliate, join now so you can participate in the next promotion!

Since I’m an affiliate, I get to do another giveaway. This time, we won’t be random. To enter this one, leave a comment stating your choice of gift: Doll Carrier or League of Grateful Sons (DVD) and tell us why you think you should win. We’ll choose the funniest and/or most pity-inspiring entry; extra points if you write a haiku or express your gratitude to the Life in a Shoe family for this great giveaway idea. We’ll take entries until midnight on Wednesday (CST), then we’ll announce a winner soon after. The winner will need to reply promptly with his/her mailing address, so keep an eye open for the announcement.

BTW, the girls would like you to know that they have several dolls for sale right now including 3 Evangelines, 1 Fidelia, and they will soon be adding an Abigail. They are happy to accept Paypal and will ship promptly SO THAT YOU RECEIVE THEM IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! Take a look at the Buy Our Stuff tab or just use our contact form.


  1. Hi, Andrea from Germany.

    Yes, I am lucky to have my parents nearby. They’ve made a lifelong commitment to Mongolia and it’s great to have them here. Also recently our Senior Pastor’s wife’s parents just moved here from Germany to be near their daughter and grandkids! I see it as God’s way of spoiling us for obeying him and marrying Mongolians. =) Not that it was that hard–our hubbies are very sweet. But the thought of living in Mongolia away from everything we know was pretty daunting.

    And yes, we have DVD players! =) Have to entertain the kids somehow during the long winters when the sun sets at 5 in the evening!

  2. Hey! I don’t think I can match Karen’s haiku, but I would love to enter anyway! I’m a single mom with two boys and a girl so it’s a hard choice between the doll carrier and the history movie! But, I think I’ll choose the history movie because it’s really important to me for my boys to be raised as Godly men in the absence of a father in the home. And it would be a good Christmas present! Thanks, Kim and family, for this opportunity!!!

  3. Oh Andrea, no, I don’t know Bob and Larry, but your comment made me smile. I do like the Flibber-O-Loo story, though, so maybe it was an unconscious inspiration!

    And had I been more awake I would have said that their “SHOE” was just full to the brim. But I was too sleepy…brain-o not working as it ought to…

  4. Son loves history
    Needing godly perspective
    Mom enters contest.

  5. Karen, do you know Bob and Larry?

    Just wondering… your poem is great and it reminded me of the story of Fliber-o-loo..

    I especially like the heroic decision from Kim: NO CODE!



  6. There once was a woman named Kim
    Whose husband was never named Tim
    That hubby worked hard
    At VF’s warehouse yard
    ‘Cause their house was just full to the brim.

    Now one day they had an idea
    As they dined on a homemade tortilla
    “Let’s hold a contest
    And make everyone guess
    If the new baby’s a Mark or Maria!”

    “Oh that’s silly,” the kids loudly crowed
    Slurping chocolate ice cream a la mode
    “We think we should make
    A honey prune cake
    And make them solve another cool code!”

    “Another code, no!” said fair Kim
    Who went out on a proverbial limb
    “We’ll make it fair
    But they must prepare
    So our decision is not just a whim!”

    Far away sat a woman, intrigued
    Who late at night zoned, quite fatigued
    Her kids not in bed
    “Should have used the woodshed”
    She thought, as she felt blitzkrieged.

    She worked up a poem (not haiku)
    Though her brain was asleep and askew
    She gave it a whirl
    With hopes her little girl
    Would receive a carrier and not a tattoo.

    (“A Tattoo for Christmas?!” you say,
    As you grimace and look firmly away,
    Well I tried for a rhyme
    To use at that time,
    But that was my best try, okay?)

  7. Yeah, pick Melanie!

    Finally I feel absolutely NO stress to enter this contest. But it would be great for Melanie!

    Hey, wait, she may be in outer Mongolia, but she still has her parents with her? P-shaw. She is spoiled! She even has a DVD player!

    I dunno, Kim.

    Yes I do: I just read her birth report of her daughter… she’s my pick. Awesome blog!

  8. Kim, I hope you’re feeling better, with all the morning sickness! You’re in my prayers.

    Well, you have to pick me so that you can say you’ve sent something to the most remote corner of the earth– Outer Mongolia!

    I am a 26 yr-old American mom, married to a Mongolian Pastor. We live with our 3 children in-yep, outer Mongolia.

    I am requesting the “League of Grateful Son’s” DVD, as my husband and my dad are big history buffs (my parents are still missionaries in Mongolia). AND, I am raising 3 little American citizens, and I would love to have this on hand as a teaching tool later on.

    If you pick me you’d really be blessing my family. If you want to read more about us you can visit my blog www. melspin.blogspot.com

    Thank you and God bless (pick me, pick me!)


  9. homemakerang says:

    i just emailed you SOMETHING HILARIOUSLY FUNNY! I now you will find it too funny!


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