My brother by kittykait

Isn’t my baby brother just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Natalie’s b-day was on New Year’s day and he spent the whole day walking around singing hap erthay oo nannie (Happy birthday to Natalie), and this morning mom was correcting someone for something and he started saying bey Mom! (obey mom!)

Here is a poem that Megan and I wrote about him:

I have some real nice parents,
and my sisters are OK
the only thing I’m lacking
is a brother with to play


You see I’m awful lonely
(not meaning to complain)
the only problem
is I’m surrounded all by dames

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  1. “Surrounded all by dames”!!!

    I am still laughing, how sweet!!!

  2. That sure is cute!!!

  3. Kitty Kat
    A poet
    she did
    know it

  4. I loved your poem. I bet you are a great big sister!

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