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If you’re going much further south than San Antonio, you might want to reconsider driving a white 15 passenger van with darkly tinted windows. Hubby and I were joking about this when we headed down a few days ago, but nothing exciting happened.  Obviously a suspicious van heading south is not a target for INS.

Heading north, however, is a different story.  Today on the way back home we got to live our joke.

An INS truck passed us going the other way on the highway and immediately hit the brakes. A minute later they were right on our tail. Hubby and I debated whether the stop would be worth the priceless memories and the inevitable blog post but we didn’t have long to think about it before we saw lights flashing.  I think we were both secretly elated.

I fought the urge to hide our two darkest daughters while hubby fought the urge to greet the man with, “Hola, senor.  Que pasa?”  We answered several questions for the humorless man and when he was satisfied that we knew where we had been and where we were going and that yes, we were all one family, he sent us on our way.

And for the record, yes. It was worth the post.


  1. Part of me wants to say that they shouldn’t be profiling in the first place, but the other part of me thinks that your story is rather hilarious.

  2. That is sooo funny! My family drives a Dodge 15 passenger van with darkly tinted windows, but we’re on the cost of Virginia.

    (I’m the oldest of nine.)

  3. how did I miss this post! That is so funny!

  4. Not to long after 9/11, we pulled up at the airport in our dark 15-seater. Immediately we had 6 big yellow-jacket guys lined up against the building. When my husband started helping his mother inside with her bags, they chased him down, yelling the whole time. We still laugh about our terrorist van full of car seats.

  5. This is too funny. My hubby was adopted from Mexico and his family growing up had a van for thier 5 kids and whoever tagged along. They got stopped more than once on the way back up from Mexico during their many trips but once, hubby was in the passenger seat and his dad was driving and they got stopped, they thought it would be funny to great them in Spanish… needless to say it took them a while to convince them that they were really american and belonged here and that was a long time ago.
    Such a funny story. Thanks for sharing and yes I would say it was worth the blog post. 🙂

  6. Granted, I wouldve been nervous, but laughing inside at the same time…bringing those two darker daughters up toward the front and yep, MIGHT’VE been gutsy enough to greet in Spanish. ha ha! But my hubby has a more level head about “messin’ with people” and would’ve insisted on greeting in English to avoid any problems. Yeah..probably the best way to go on that too. But I’m glad you all had a little excitement without any trouble! Enjoy that big family! God bless!

  7. My husband and I really enjoyed this! We’ll have to be careful if the Lord ever blesses us with that many children and I big white van. 🙂

  8. Oh! My good friend and her husband just bought a white “church van.” I sent her a link to your blog. That is so funny!!

  9. This is one of those funny and scary at the same time stories. No WAY I’d have greeted anyone in Spanish, or told anyone in the back to hide the cocaine quickly, or anything like that. (Whew.)

  10. Kim, That story is so great! Oh, to have been a fly on the wall. (Or a fly in your hidden secret compartment at the base of the van…LOL!)

  11. Angela H. says:

    Oh my goodness, Kim! This is too funny!! I wish I could have seen it happen. hehehe

    Angela H. 🙂

  12. Priceless, Mrs. C, simply priceless. 🙂 This story put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Too funny! We are getting ready to buy our first 12 passenger van. I wonder what kind of blog fodder it will provide.
    Great post!!

  14. Haaaaaa! That’s funny!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Love the sense of humor you guys have! ::snort::

  15. LOL!!!!

  16. that is just to funny. I’m surprised that we don’t get stopped more often seeing as how we are 5 miles from the border, lol.

  17. I’m with Emily!!!!! That is way to funny!!!!!!

  18. Wow! So funny. I didn’t know INS had the authority to pull people over.

  19. Oh Kim, I do not know if I should feel bad for you or just keep laughing!! That was too funny!!!!!!

  20. That is hysterical! Although I would’ve paid y’all to greet him in Spanish 😉

  21. Good stuff! I always wondered if that would happen to my family when I was younger.
    Now that we’re expecting #5 and at the rate they are coming, my husband is looking at buying a school bus!
    Ha! Good post.

  22. Too funny! Stressful but if it happened to me, I think it would be worth the post! Thanks for sharing.


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