Potty talk

The general consensus, to my knowledge, seems to be that boys are usually potty trained later but often more easily than girls.  Yes?  No?

Six of our seven girls have displayed a bit of interest around their second birthday and they have begun training 3 or 4 months later.  Six of the seven girls were out of diapers by 2 1/2 with occasional accidents.  Six out of seven were dry at night around 3yo.  This was not planned or scheduled; it just happened that way.

The Boy is 19 months now, and this morning he did something unprecedented.  He announced that he was going potty and trotted into the bathroom.  Amused, I told Kaitlyn to “help” him.  And he pooped in the potty.

Don’t misunderstand; I don’t expect it to happen again soon.  I’m simply astounded that it happened at all.  This boy stuff is not at all what I expected.


  1. I am curious to hear an update on the potty training of your little boy. My son started potty training very early and trained for #2 right away, but we are still working on #1 (for over a year) and it seems to be more of a stubborn thing than anything else. I have figured out that if I leave him with a bare bottom he will let me know he needs to go, but that’s not always appropriate or practical.
    I’ve been very hesitant to use candy bribes, but it sounds like that is what has worked for you (and the rest of the world. I’m probably just showing where my son gets his stubbornness!)
    If you have any tips to share, I am all ears!

  2. When my oldest was 18 months he decided to go in the potty. He pooped on the pot (with the cushie tushie) everyday for one whole week. I was so excited! Then he was done. He was daytime potty trained by 3.2 and night trained by 3.4.
    My now 25 mo boy is interested in the potty, and asks to sit on it. “Go poh-ee?” and also runs in there to squat, still in diaper, and go poo. But…I am not holding my breath…he’ll be ready soon enough.

  3. My first child was completely potty trained, even over night, before HIS second birthday. Not planned, just awesome!
    Never happened again, though.

  4. Andrea,
    You had me going for a minute there – I thought you were serious! I know people who have trained their babies from very early too, but I never even aspired to do so myself.

    For the record, The Boy peed in the potty today. Just once, and we had no idea he was going to do it. He was getting cleaned up from his third dirty diaper in quick succession and I was skeptical when he said, “potty, Mom.” But we played along just to encourage him and lo and behold, he did it.

  5. All of my boys were different. The little man that resides in our house (whom of which is currently 2.5) has given us a real ‘run for our money’. He refuses to sit on the porcelain throne.

    Ecclesiastes 3:1 is a comfort in times of potty training:)

  6. well, I am shocked and surprised! 😉

    I did not even for a second consider that you had the boy in diapers!

    We are toilet training them from the beginning… why wait? Babies know how to communicate to mommy, when they need to do their business…

    (Just joking, yes, I do know people who never use diapers or only for long trips when they maynot be able to “help” the baby to a potty. And we diapered the first 4, the last one is a combi undies and diaper because when she teeths, well, it is a quick mess!)

    Both my boys were so different from each other in training. One taking forever with oodles of mishaps, the other “declaring” his independence from diapers and NEVER having an accident.

    It happens as it happens…

  7. My son started at 18 months telling me he wanted to go. He poops on the potty almost every time, but he pees only occasionally. He will be 3 at the end of this month. Generally, at least from what I have heard, boys DO train later! We’ll see! My daughter was done at 3 1/2. When I pushed, she stopped, so I just backed off and let her do it on her own. She was dry at night from 10 months!

  8. My youngest, who is now 22 months old, was the easiest to train. I showed him the potty at 2 1/2 and three days later he was trained. He is almost always dry at night (though he’s in Pull-ups, since I bought a Costco box). My bio girls trained at about the same time…2 to 2 1/2. I have two (my adopted twins) who trained late (at almost four). They both had developmental issues, though.

  9. My son was 25 months when he woke up from nap one day and declared he had to go potty on the toilet. He only had a handful of accicendents after that. My daughter is 22 months and is showing a great deal of curiosity about the potty. She tells us now everytime she pee/poops in her diaper and wants it changed a.s.a.p! I really think it depends on the child. My friends daughter wouldn’t poop on the potty until 3.5! and My sisters boys are the same way….I would definately keep encouraging him! You might be blessed to have one out of diapers before your new one comes!!!

  10. Megan,
    Anything else? Ummm…reminders are a good idea. 🙂
    So sorry – I’ll send your info to hubby again if you will send it to me again.

  11. I think it’s a hard job all the way around.

  12. Hi,
    I was the person who decoded the winners for your Vision Forum drawing in November. I emailed you my address shortly after. Was there anything else I needed to do to get the book and things? Thanks, Megan

  13. my son was so easy at age 2 he peed in his underwear once and that was that he felt wet and then he knew, I think if you wait much passed 2 you miss the boat. I would go for it can you imagine having a few months witout diapers, thats probobly never happened to you since becoming a mom. My daughter was easy too but she would hold #2 and that a whole other story.

  14. Later? Yes. Easier? NO! I’ve only trained 1 boy, so I’m really praying that it was a fluke and boy #2 will go easier. Right now, though girl #5 isn’t being so easy….grrr!

  15. I usually wait until mine are 3 years old before I even start (I had one who trained at 22 months though).

    Way to go little guy!!!!!!

  16. They are aaalll different! I’ve had one girl, who shall remain anonymous : ) take 3.5 years for daytime and 5 years for nighttime, and some boys potty train early (especially with the help of much wanted candy bribes : )

    A lot of it is their personality.

    The really active children (more often boys, but not always) can’t seem to take their mind off of what they are doing long
    enough to switch gears and stop to go potty. In fact they don’t even pay attention to the fact that they have to go potty. They just can’t be bothered.

    The strong willed ones (more often boys, but not always) want to do it when they want to do it and if not then there’s a battle of the wills.

    Then there are those who are so in tune with what others are doing around them (more often girls, but not always) that it intrigues them and they want to be just like the other children.

    The last one sounds like what you’re experiencing. Could be that he’s in a household of women for most of his waking hours. Or could be that God has shown you mercy : ) Whatever the reason, we’ll be praying that it continues to be that simple for you!

    In Him,
    Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

  17. My son was not trained until 3 1/2 (or more? I hae blocked it out) and it became a big hairy power stuggle ( I KNOW all MY fault). And he was my first child – so no peers to emulate. My daughter I barely remember “training” her – it just kindof happened. At about the same time it finally happend for my son (and they are 21 months apart)

  18. Lisa in ND says:

    Good for him!! He may just be ready at a young age. I know several moms whose babies were trained before 2, usually younger kids watching their older siblings use the potty.

    I have 2 boys. DS #1 trained at 2-1/2, very easily, in about 3 days. DS #2 was 3+ and just didn’t want to do it. It was a lot of work — he understood the whole going potty thing, just didn’t want to! However, once he made up his mind, he trained over a weekend.

    I was hoping to hear GIRLS are easier. My daughter is the same age as your boy (born 6/28/06) and she has NO interest in the potty yet. She does, however, like it when we flush so she can say “bye-bye POOP!” as it goes down.

    Again, good for the little guy!

  19. My girls all trained earlier and with more success than my boy. We wait until three and then it’s done in two or three days with very few accidents including night time. The boy did not take two or three days he took months. But eventually he did get it. My last daughter pottied fine but had trouble with the other. But she was still much faster than the boy. We are currently a diaper free household!

  20. Kim, don’t be surprised if he does indeed do it again. My son did the very same thing except he was more like 2-1/2 yrs old. One day out of the blue, he said, “Mommy, I want to go to the potty.” So I took him and he peed. We went every 10 minutes for the next couple of days. Wow! That boy was easy. He potty trained himself. He also stayed dry at night and only had one or two accidents.

    Now my girls…………..we had to insist they potty. They absolutely did not want to go. But of course Mom and Dad prevailed. No more diapers for now.

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