I’m going to do it.

Remember this? I’m in. In mid April, I’ll be here, playing with this and this and this. It’s all rather shocking, and we spent several days thinking,cybershot.gif praying, receiving and considering counsel before making the decision to participate. I appreciate the input I received from several readers – even those who recommended we pass on the offer. But we feel that this lines up well with our goals as a family in several important ways, and we could see no reason to decline.

And really: a camera that knows to take the picture when the child in the viewfinder smiles? This baby even has built-in software to instantly add smiles right there on the camera, just in case the kids got tired of laughing at your lame jokes 142 clicks ago.

What was I thinking? How could I hesitate? Did I mention that we took 218 pictures on Easter, just trying to get everyone looking in the right direction? Smiles would be the icing on the cake.

And I get to visit my grandparents in Portland. That’s like chocolate icing.


  1. well now that gives us all something to be excited about doesn’t it………have a safe trip, when do you leave???

  2. mj,
    The trip is a Sony marketing event to stir up excitement about several new digital cameras. We’ll be using them, learning about the features, getting photography tips, and more.
    And I learned today that not only would I come with free merchandise of my own, but will be able to host some Sony giveaways as well!

  3. thats awesome what a great idea to video your grandparents, i really hope you come away with some goodies. what will you be doing while you are on the freebe trip?

  4. mj,
    One of our stated goals for this year was for me to fly up and visit my grandparents for the purpose of getting lots of video of them talking about their childhood. We want to create something of a family history, and my being in San Diego will allow me to get to them for almost no cost at all, with my return flight paid for by Sony.
    But the Sony event itself also sounds like a good fit for our family. We are an entrepreneurial bunch. We have an interest in photography (particularly our 2 oldest children) and a strong interest in graphic/web design, both of which tie in well with the event. The wording of the offer also leads me to believe that I will quite possibly come home with a camera. A girl can hope, right?
    And we hope that our family blog will profit from the experience too. We didn’t start it as a money-making venture, but it has provided some income over the past year and we would love to find ways to increase that. This could be a step in that direction. I would certainly consider a free camera to be “blog-related income.”

  5. Norah Nick says:

    I’m so glad you’re going!!! I’ve been to the beach next to that hotel and it’s a gorgeous hotel, awesome beach, and wonderful area. Lots to do within walking distance and perfectly safe for a 7-month pregnant lady.

    As for the person who asked about how it fits with the goals for your family, I’m not going to try to answer that since I’m not you, but I am willing to bet that the experience will refresh your spirit and give you lots of experiences to come home and gather your family around and share with them. Also, I’ll bet you will all have a renewed appreciation for each other and your family bond will be even stronger than it already is having been away from each other for a little while.

    Enjoy it! You deserve it!

  6. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I also was invited to the event. 🙂

  7. A DSLR , a camcorder, and a pint and shoot!!! I would have the hardest time giving them back after.

    I hope you have a great time, and they let you either keep a camera, or at least the card with the photos you took.

  8. Oh! What a wonderful opportunity! As a photography addict, I’m drooling over the cameras and camcorders, first of all! A relaxing trip at a beautiful hotel, a visit with your grandparents, it sounds lovely!

  9. Wow!! Hope you have a blessed time!

  10. Ooohh, that is just 20 minutes from our home. It’s a beautiful hotel and the area is awesome. Have fun!!!!

  11. good for you we were there in 06 and it is a beautiful area, I am curious though how does this line up with your goals as a family???? What will you be doing when your there?

  12. Lisa in ND says:

    Good for you!! I’d go if I could. It sounds like fun AND educational — can’t be beat. 🙂 I hope you give us all some updates.

  13. Big congrats on this opportunity! You have such a beautiful family, but getting away is a blessing sometimes, too.


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