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I’m still alive, though I think my brain is rusting from all the rain. We haven’t laid eyes on the sun since we’ve been here in Oregon and I probably have moss growing in my hair, but I keep telling myself we’ll look back fondly on this weather when August in South Texas rolls around.


Deanna and I are enjoying our time with Grandma and Grandpa. Deanna brought her dress and has begin to work on it in earnest under Grandma’s expert tutelage.


On Saturday, one of my cousins came to dinner with her husband and 3 children, along with my lumberjack uncle Steve.

On Sunday, we drove south to visit my aunt and her husband, and 2 cousins with their children. One of my cousins is expecting her 3rd child just a few days before our baby is due.

On Monday, we visited with MamaK, PapaPyro, and a few visitors in their home.

Yesterday, my maid of honor came to dinner with her parents. We talked as quickly as we could, but still the evening flew past far too quickly!


Today, we had lunch with a sweet musical friend of Grandma’s, and Uncle Steve is here for dinner.

Tomorrow, Grandma’s musical friend will join us for dinner and music: Grandma and Miss Goff will play the piano and the organ in Grandma’s music room. I suspect I will be talked into playing the violin, though I haven’t picked up a musical instrument since Grandpa and Grandma were in Texas back in September.

The interviewing has gone well on the few occasions that we remembered to set up the camera and get down to business; somehow even this quiet slow week has been packed with busy-ness, and we haven’t found time to do as much as we had hoped.

But when we do it – oh, it warms my heart! I’ve heard new stories that I never heard before, and old stories that I forgot. I recorded the two of them together, reminding each other of stories to tell and gently teasing each other. Their interaction was so sweet! Grandma told me that Grandpa has said more on camera than he normally says in 6 months. Then he winked at me and said, “Well, women have a daily allowance of 50-60,000 words; men only get 5,000. We use ours up and then we’re quiet. Women never run out.”


I just have to mention what a blessing our new HandyCam has been. I haven’t moved any of the material to DVD yet so I can’t say how easy that is, but the video camera itself is so easy to use and charge, so easy to switch between still photos and video, has a remote control (!!!), fits perfectly on the tripod we already had, and there are no little cassettes to worry about. Everything is stored directly on a hard drive in the camera.

Thank you so much for all the ideas and suggestions of what to ask. We have used many of them. Kaitlyn also loaned me a 2 page questionnaire that she brought home when she and her dad went to the 2007 Father/Daughter Retreat and I found that we have covered many of the questions in there. I was worried because I didn’t make time to create a detailed plan, but it seems that it is all coming together nicely. I just hope I don’t get home and realize that I forgot to ask all the most important questions. Of course, that would mean I have to visit again very soon and finish up the job…


  1. HI Kim! I found your blog through other blog links, but I just now realized that we went to church together for awhile growing up… The pic of Gina let all the pieces fall together.. 🙂

    Happy Sabbath!
    Lana C.

  2. Kim, if you get a chance could you email me that list of questions that Kaitlyn gave to you, or fax, or list, or whatever. I am going out to Calif from SC in June and I want to interview my last living Gm (and I am only 31) I don’t have a large family, so this is my last chance to preserve some memories from her time. I also plan on doing this with my Mom/Dad/Uncles/Aunts/ CousinsBro/Sis/kids. I think asking questions of the kids now is also important.

  3. We miss you both, but also are rejoicing in this opportunity that God has given our family to capture these memories of our

    We love you Grandma and Grandpa.


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