…and so it begins….

  • one Dad

  • seven daughters

  • one son

  • two dogs

  • one cat

  • one hamster

  • two rabbits

  • 1200 square feet

  • nine days




NO MOTHER!!!!…(to be continued)


  1. Karen,

    I wasn’t trying to plug the new movie as much as convey that I have the same devil may care attitude about adventure as Dr. Jones.

    After all I have a hat just like that 😀

    (cue theme song….)

  2. I think everyone will have a new appreciation for each other.

    good luck perry!

  3. Perry, the Indiana Jones plug at the end cracked me up. No wife, tons of kids, but


    You’ll do fine…I’ve only briefly seen you in action, but you looked like you control the minions with aplomb.

  4. Oh my, Perry. After the post after yours (with the hotel pics), I’m a little worried for you that K.I.M. may go M.I.A.

  5. Sainthood for me? How about for the guy who said, “Sure! Go on, honey. We can take care of things while you’re gone.”
    Now there’s a saint.

  6. Hannah C. says:

    Oh goodness….I saw this post…got to the end…and laughed. Partly because it’s just funny and partly because I think if my mom was to go away for nine days our house would be a disaster when she got back…..

  7. homemakerang says:

    oh my…. I can see it now 😉

    I will put this one on my church prayer chain, you are in our prayers!

    I know one thing, you will NEVER and I repeat NEVER look at your wife the same way again! You will put her to sainthood if you havent already 🙂

    momma of 5 and counting…

  8. Wow. I guess the whole limo deal was serious after all. Congratulations, Kim! 😀 Have a great time.

    And salutes to those brave souls who will watch the fort in her absence! 😉

  9. Good luck and God bless, Dad! LOL!

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