It’s a boy. Maybe.


I’ve decided to do something presumptuous, though I’ll try to do it purely without presumption. I’m going to start referring to the new baby in the masculine gender. I’ve decided to do this for a number of reasons:

  • All the girls are constantly referring to the new baby as “he.”
  • Many of the immediate and extended family have dreamed repeatedly that the baby is a boy.
  • Several people have told me that I’m carrying the baby like a boy (what does that mean???).
  • It’s surprisingly difficult for me to imagine having a girl this time.
  • The one time before this that I really, deeply longed for a boy, I had The Boy. Now I really, deeply long for a brother for The Boy.
  • I already refer to the baby as “he” in my head and try to filter the pronouns before they come out of my mouth. I also did this with The Boy.
  • If the child is a girl, I think we’ll have no trouble switching pronouns when we meet her. Right now we’re having lots of trouble with pronouns. Why waste brain cells fighting before we know which side we’re on?

coffeealmondfudge.jpgAnd so, with disclosures and disclaimers in place, with no external supporting evidence, and with tongue firmly placed in cheek, I will henceforth unapologetically refer to this child as “he,” unless and until I learn otherwise.

Oh, and while we’re talking about the baby, I might as well add that he loves Starbuck’s Coffee Almond Fudge ice cream. He didn’t wait 10 minutes for the blood sugar boost – he jumped for joy when he heard me ask for the ice cream, and kept it up the whole time I was eating. Then he got his blood sugar boost.


  1. I hope you do get a boy this time. We got ours this last January, after only 2 girls, so we weren’t as anxious as you (probably) to change things up a bit. Now that I have him, I love him to death and find the change very fun and interesting and different, but…

    I miss the pink. Can you believe it?

  2. My sister was very sure that her 5th was a boy from the way it acted and everything. Well it was a girl! My brother (unmarried) wondered if since she act so “boyish” in the womb whether she would be a tomboy-:)

  3. could call “him” B2, for Boy 2. 🙂

    We just found out on April Fool’s that we were expecting #6. After 4 girls in a row, I am really wanting to use the very same masculine pronoun you’ve been referring to. Hubs plans on ordering one of everything from the VF’s boy section of the catalog if it is. So, if around the first week of December your hubby gets a really LARGE boy order to fill in the warehouse….

    it’s us.

  4. I was thinking we’d call him “Dos”

    I thought it fit with the southwestern feel of our hometown 😉

  5. Samara,
    Actually I was thinking of The Other Boy, or The New Boy, or The Brother.

  6. I thought both times I was having girls while secretly wanting boys – I have two boys. One thing I notice each time after the pregancies were over – extra body hair. With my first I had little dark hairs on my back (gross sounding, I know) and with both I had little ‘happy trails’ of hair from my belly button down.

    My SIL noticed the same thing (happy trail) and she’s having a boy, so I’m going to be using this as my predictor next time around, LOL!

    My friend called her first pregnancy “Annabelle” and had a Christopher James. The next was supposed to be “Joshua” so she called ‘him’ that a few times and had the first girl in several generations on her husband’s side and the first of 8 grandkids to be a girl on her side.

    All of that said, I think it’s going to be a boy for you. 🙂

  7. If it’s a boy, can you just name him Perry V? Since anyway on your blog they will be Boy 1 and Boy 2. 🙂

  8. I wish you the best! 😀 I’m so thrilled for you!!!

  9. Claire Kennedy says:

    I ate the same ice cream and refused o share with my children with my last pregnancy. It’s the BEST.

  10. That’s what we do, too.

  11. I dreamed repeatedly during my last pregnancy that I was having a baby GIRL. Today my baby BOY is 4 weeks old, LOL. Do you always wait until birth to find out the gender? I only did that with my first. I guess I’m just impatient!

  12. Not to be too weird or anything, but have you had any dreams that you, yourself, were a boy? I dreamed I was a boy when I was pregnant with both of mine. That testosterone surge you get in the late first or early 2nd trimester triggered mine, I think.

  13. homemakerang says:

    i have had a feeling it is a boy for some reason too…

  14. That poor boy. You are already getting him hooked on sugar. =) What does he do when you eat all that scrumptious fresh produce you pick up?

  15. Caroline says:

    This is what I’ve always heard about if you look like you’re carrying a boy or girl—
    A girl: very low and rounded
    A boy: very high and pointy
    Your belly, that is!
    By the way, Kim, do we get to help with name suggestions for the boy *or* girl? : )

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