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I’m still recovering from nearly 8 hours on the road yesterday, but it was well worth it! It was my turn to visit MamaK on her own turf in beautiful snowy Washington state yesterday.  I also met the women behind Chris and JenniHeath HappeningsCunningham Rules, and A Dollop of Sour Cream.  If I missed your link, it’s probably because I wasn’t sure if it was public so please speak up!

I’ll share a few snapshots here but check out Karen’s post for a ton of beautiful great photos with names attached.

I could try to convince you all that I’m respecting your privacy since some of you have private family blogs, but that’s not the whole story.  I might attach the wrong name or wrong child to the wrong mother, and then I would have guilt.  I’m sorry, ladies, but I’m doing well if I can remember my own name on most days.  I’m glad all of my children bear a strong family resemblance.  😉

This message greeted us from the chalkboard when we entered the kitchen:


Karen was a super gracious hostess and seemed right in her element with hordes of small children swarming about the house.  She laughed and smiled nonstop, served up delicious coffee and a grand buffet, and entertained us all with a tap dance routine.  No, wait.  That was Mom when I was 7.  Karen entertained us with a pop quiz about my blog.  There were some tough questions on there, but I think I could have won if she had let me play.


The abundant babies provided plenty of entertainment too.  They were everywhere!


This little sweetheart was a willing test subject for the Cybershot Smile Shutter feature.  It worked like a charm.  She even said “cheese” for us!


Grandma and Grandpa stayed to visit for a while and charmed all of my new friends.


Lots of fun and chocolate was had by all.


I am so thankful that Karen and Eric were willing to open their home to 10 moms and nearly 40 children, many of whom they had never met before!  This was true Biblical hospitality in action, and I think all of us came away encouraged in our daily service to the Lord.

Now…who’s up for central Texas?  Somewhere between San Antonio and Fort Worth, perhaps?


  1. Ooohhh, me! Me, me, me! We just moved from Washington state to Texas. Make sure my name is on the list!


  2. It was fun! So glad to have been there, even if I didn’t win the game:) Don’t have guilt about the name thing. I really have it together if I remember my own children’s names. I was always upset when my mom confused my sister and me. She would remind me that my grandmother constantly confused her children. That there were only two of them and the other one’s name was David. I didn’t have it that bad.

    Karen really is a gracious hostess. Her home has always been comfortable when we have visited.

  3. I’m so glad you came up and I got to meet you. Even if it was minus most your kids.

  4. Leanne, I am positive that we will do this again. It was a wonderful time, and I think that Christian Mommy Bloggers have a unique opportunity to shine as a light in the blog world. We really should encourage one another more often towards this, and another get-together sounds like just the solution!

  5. I’m almost crying that I missed it!!!

    I’ll slap myself into being glad that you all had a fantastic time.

    Karen, you are AMAZING! And beautiful! And photogenic!

    I’m up for a San Antonio Mommy blogger party…if you do it in January while the Festival is going on!! I’ll be in town, let’s party!!!

    Leanne in Longview

  6. Andrea from Germany says:

    Well, y’all sure do know how to have a great time out there…

    I remember your famous quote post… on Sunday our family is going to see the musical “Oliver” because of the “Food, glorious Food” song, should be neat to make that “connection”.

  7. Andrea,
    You made me laugh! What About Bob is one of our “family culture” movies – we watched it way too many times and quote it constantly, for better or worse.

  8. I read on the other blog that your oldest daughter joined you thats great!!!!

  9. Jeana – your last comment made me laugh out loud – I shouldn’t have been drinking water at the same time.

    Andrea, I’m waiting to hear about Bob, too. He might be buried under laundry, though. Or dental appointments. Or sandy-haired children. Guess we’ll just have to wait. 🙂

  10. Andrea from Germany says:

    What about Bob?

  11. I am, I am!

    Wait, I mean I’m willing to come; I can’t host halfway between because I don’t live there.

    Also, can it wait until we’re back in the country?

    I guess it’s obvious who’s going to be the high-maintenance one in the group.

  12. I’m up for hosting a northern party here in Ohio- just let me know when! 🙂

  13. It was so great to meet you Kim and all the other moms that came, what a day, can you believe the weather in WA?! No, it’s not always like this in late April!

    Love the picture of Cait’s cheese, she has never actually said “cheese” before that she usually just says, “ahhhh” so you got to see a first for her 🙂

    Thanks for driving all the way to meet us, it was such a great time! Blessings to you and the rest of your trip! Who knows, maybe we will make it to Texas one of the days 🙂

  14. It looks like fun! I wanna come and meet fellow bloggers. No, I am not a naked hairy man.

  15. Yay! It was so fun to meet you and your daughter and grandparents yesterday. I will put coming to Texas on my “to do” list! Bless you so much, I really enjoyed spending time with you. Kim C. (too!)


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