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With the birth of another child looming near, I’ve been meaning to post about Samaritan Ministries, an alternative to traditional health insurance. We have been on both the giving and receiving end of Samaritan Ministries, and were blessed both ways.

Every month, we receive a newsletter and instructions telling us where to send our monthly share and what the family’s need is. We send our monthly payment directly to another Christian family, along with a card or note. We enjoy knowing who receives our monthly contribution and being able to pray for and personally encourage them.

When our son was born, Samaritan members covered every penny of the expense, unlike traditional health insurance policies which always penalized us for having our children at home with a midwife. The outpouring of letters, cards, and Biblical advice from Christian brethren was an added bonus!

The cost of coverage is far less than traditional health insurance; our family pays less than $300/month for 10 members. One payment/year goes to the central office for administrative costs. All other payments go directly to other members.

New members are carefully screened when they apply, but not in the traditional way. There is no physical exam necessary, but your pastor must sign a statement confirming that you meet all of the membership requirements. Just take a look at the membership requirements and you’ll begin to understand why this is not traditional health insurance. You’ll also see part of the reason that it costs so much less: God’s standards for His people rule out many risky behaviors that increase the cost of healthcare for non-Christians.

Questions? Please let us know if you would like more information or if you decide to join – Samaritan Ministries has an affiliate program of sorts, and we would love to offset some of the cost of our monthly contributions! Or if you just can’t wait, tell them you heard about Samaritan Ministries from Life in a Shoe.


  1. My husband and I might want to sign up later this summer/early fall when I quit my full-time job with benefits. I will give you credit for the referral!

  2. Hi! Kim. It was so nice to meet you this morning at Feast. You asked me if i had posted before and i said i had not but would when i got home. So i am. Marcy

  3. Kim:

    Do you know how you would apply if you attend a home church with no “official” pastor. We do have someone that leads discussion every week, but mostly because it’s at his house. Any advice?

  4. I have been “lurking” now for a year- I appreciate your warmth and sense of humor! And, after a few months of reading your blog, I figured out that you are in the CREC, too! (We’re a candidate church currently). But, what I was really going to say is that we have been with Samaritan for 2 years now, and we agree completely with you- it is a huge blessing to know that you are directly helping other saints!

  5. We are keeping the info for Samaritan close at hand, in case my husband is able to work from the home (very soon we hope!) We have health insurance through the Post Office, since my husband is a letter carrier. We hope to become self employed and then we will no longer have insurance.

    Okay, now that the important thought is out of the way, can I vomit now on your “smells” post? You didn’t have to go into detail about what you found in that bag of potatoes…….My skin is crawling!!!!

    I love your humor!

    Leanne in Longview

  6. barbara stephens says:

    Samaritan Ministries is a wonderful organization. I am now on Medicare but got caught between insurances when I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago.. I had just signed up with this ministry and didn’t know if it would really pay off. I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to get all those checks in the mail and to be able to pay all my medical bills. Also receiving all those wonderful notes and knowing others were praying for me. I can’t remember exactly how much money I received but I think it was around 35,000 dollars. This is truly a wonderful ministry.

  7. I should add the food bill does include all household items like cleaners, toiletries ect.

  8. totally of topic but this took me to the previous post “kids are cheap” and I am wondering how you are managing your family budget 2 years after that post. I personally am struggling since the price of gas has excalated everything else along with it. Could you do a post on how you budget sometime soon??? I can only make things go so far, my monthly food bill for 4 is about $400 and are gasoline alone is about $300.

  9. Interesting, we are looking into new health insurance right now… i will talk to hubby and see what he thinks.

  10. We had considered this at my husbands old job when the cost of insurance was out of control. When the Lord blessed us with his new job, he also blessed us with covered insurance.

    My in-laws (who are pastors) used them for an extensive period of time when he was growing up and when his sister needed major surgery every single penny was covered.


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