Bed, yes. Sleep? I doubt it.

Call me silly, but I’m heading back to bed.  It’s 3:24 AM.  I have no illusions of sleep, but am hoping to get a little more comfortable.

I’m also secretly hoping that hubby will wake up as I crawl into bed, ask how I am, and then he can decide if and when to panic and sound the alarm.


  1. Yes, there’s light on the deck, but the pool was leaking a bit of air so the girls emptied it last night. Now I need hubby to wake up and decide whether to repair it or just fill it!

  2. My husband seems to know when I’m in true labor. It’s kinda wierd but I seem to have trouble knowing if it’s for real or not and he’s the one that says “when are you planning to head for the hospital?”

    Today I’m 34 weeks but I haven’t been sleeping due to some kind of RLS. Every time I try to go to bed and relax, my legs start a twitching! 2-3 hours of sleep a night is getting pretty old. Oh, and I have Braxton-Hicks too while I’m trying to get to sleep. Anyway, that’s why I’m up right now. At least I have something exciting to monitor while I’m up. Do you have good lighting on the deck in case you end up in your birthing pool in the next couple of hours??

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