The Midwife has  been here for a while and Dad said about twenty minutes ago that Mom is about ready to  push.

Don’t you wish that you were here to welcome the new baby instead of having to wait for pictures?

actually the suspense is about the same here.



  1. I can’t bear the suspense. I am in England, supposed to be working and instead I am refreshing, refreshing, refreshing. I hope Kim has the baby before I have to leave work. I can’t bear it!

  2. The Suspense is doing me in this morning. I’ve got my coffee on standby!

  3. Angela H. says:

    YES – I wish I lived near y’all. 🙂 Your Mom is cool!!! Well…..I guess a new, sweet baby is neat too. hehehe I’m still here waiting and praying…..


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