Finally, after an excruciating weekend and an exhausting day, WE HAVE OUR HOUSE BACK!!! Lydia and I finished the tiling this morning and this afternoon, after a lot of visualizing, and speculating, we all put the house back together! I LIKE IT.


  1. BarbaraLee,
    Our house has an open layout with one big room for the kitchen, dining room and living room, so we simply continued the tile from the other 2 areas into the living room as well.
    Personally, I’m thrilled to have the carpet out of the living room since the tile will be far easier to keep clean. I think it looks and feels cleaner too.

  2. GREAT JOB!!! I’m very impressed, all of this at 9 months pregnant, wow!

  3. Helpful links!!
    Thanks Again!


  4. You are truly a wonderful manager! Awesome site with a lot of inspiration!



  5. Looks great, I know what a pain it is to live with ongoing construction amist a houseful of children. My only goal is to get it done before “school at home” begins again! Good luck with the baby!

  6. It looks great. Love your book collection.

  7. Why did you pick tile for the livingroom?
    Are we to expect that baby now? Isn’t this the nesting part we all go through just before del.?

  8. Hey! Its Hannah DeL!
    Did you mean you layed the tile? If so thats too funny because Es and I just did the same thing in our house:) It is actually vinyl that looks like tile:)

    Hannah DeL

  9. Homemakerang says:

    now, mark that off the list and “walaa” labor can start now! xoxox

  10. Halleluiah, its OVER!!!!! I have to say, it looks wonderful…anything is better then what was there:)

  11. Congratulations! 🙂 Well done.

  12. IT really looks nice!!! Good job girls!!

  13. Angela H. says:

    Great job, everyone! It looks wonderful. You deserve a break! 🙂

  14. Holly C. says:

    Good job, girls!

  15. Bethany says:

    it looks great! Good job, girls!

  16. Looks good! And congrats on doing all of it while nine months pregnant! You are a braver soul than I!

  17. This looks so nice and uncluttered. In our house I try to keep at least the livingroom clutter-free and it helps my state of mind very much!

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