How did they not see this coming?

One sad side effect of abortion has been that the proponents of this atrocity are killing themselves off. They rarely have enough children to replace themselves and their husbands (I can hardly bring myself to use the generic term partner).

But now another effect is being observed. Due to sex selection, especially in poorer nations, the gender balance is being tilted – away from women. A practice that has been promoted and touted as women’s rights is resulting in the gradual extermination of women around the world.

Sex-selective abortion is a fact of life in India, where the gender ratio has declined to 1,000 boys to 900 girls nationally, and as low as 1,000 boys to 300 girls in some Punjabi cities.

In China, the state-enforced “one child” policy has brought about the most gender-distorted demographic cohort in global history… If you can only have one kid, parents choose to abort girls and wait for a boy, to the point where in the first generation to grow to adulthood under this policy there are 119 boys for every 100 girls.

In practice, a “woman’s right to choose” turns out to mean the right to choose not to have any women.

And what of the Western world?…

Read more here. I don’t necessarily agree with all the conclusions of the author, but the trend itself seems undeniable and fully predictable.


  1. Actually, studies have shown that when given the opportunity Western women tend to choose girls over boys both through adoption and through sex-selective sperm-sorting (yes very weird thought). So the decision to abort these girls must not rest completely with the women and in poor, patriarchal cultures boys are likely to be preferred by both parents because of the cultural pressure for sons. In Korea it has already gotten to the point that the culture at large has identified the problem with reduced female births and now girls occupy the privileged place boys used to.

    Don’t you think “extermination” is a bit strong? The total number of children is being reduced and baby girls at a somewhat higher rate and carried out to it’s absurd conclusion both men and women would die out at almost the same time.

  2. Alexandra says:


    That may well be!

    My husband got himself fixed after we had one child–a son–and he said for financial reasons. However, should I become pregnant again (a long shot, especially since I’m 35), we’d simply have another child.

    I wish I did have at least two more…but at least I can focus my attention on this one, who has a speech and developmenta delay.

    I write stories to amuse myself…typically my characters have at least 5!

  3. Katherine says:

    Interesting. We redeemed shamans don’t see that as over yet.

  4. Katherine,

    Not around here 🙂 We’re post-mil preterists here.


  5. Katherine says:

    Has anyone ever thought that the huge army from the East (in Revelations) might be, in part, fueled by the desires and frustrations resulting from a severely skewed male-female ratio?

  6. I had a thought on this a few years ago (regarding China, specifically). My friend had just adopted a Chinese girl. Another friend was going to adopt her second Chinese girl. Both families are Christians. If most Chinese girl orphans were adopted by Christian families who raised their girls accordingly, Chinese men, if they want to continue their race, would have to come here to find brides. In order to not be unequally yoked, the girls would have to insist on the men converting to Christianity. That really sets up things nicely, doesn’t it?

    It reminds me continually that God intends all things for good. Every stupid plot we come up with, He can use to His glory!

  7. I can totally relate to Lauren. I, too, have 1 boy 1 girl.(praying for more)
    I get told all the time since I have a boy and girl I don’t have to have anymore. Just today at the grocery store the check out lady said it too. I told her “Actually I want more.” She dryly said “oh”.

  8. This is the entire problem with liberals and all their ilk. They are so absorbed in their own little feelings and their own little world, that they can’t think the next step ahead, and they wind up cutting off their nose, because it itches.

    Although it is somewhat of a relief to know that the abortionists are going to fail at “propagating their species,” it is sad that they are killing so many — people are not born abortionists.

    I believe that Ron Paul has the best strategy to end abortion throughout the US quickly, effectively, and constitutionally. 😉

  9. I meant to say it was sad the Gov’t was even involved in teling a family how many children they can have. It just drove home once again how oppressed the Chinese are.

  10. Emily C says:

    I’m a recently graduated university student, married to another student, with two babies of my own.

    Last year a professor here did a study on the results of this culture of selective abortion in China, and found that in the regions where the ratios were the most skewed there were higher levels of violence, confrontation, and aggressive behaviors among the men in all aspects of their society.

    There’s a reason God created man and woman, because we balance one another. With a preponderance of one sex, the problems are truly frightening.

  11. I thought it was so sad when I read the Chinese Gov’t was allowing families who had lost their only child in the recent earthquake to have another. I can’t even imagine the oppression the people are under.

    We had a liberal family memeber try and explain to us why they thought the Chinese one child policy was good. The blindness is shocking. We need to diligently pray for the Holy Spirit to shine truth.


    Abundantly Grateful to be
    Mama to 11~

  12. As Richard Weaver once wrote “Ideas Have Consequences.”

    As Jesus once spoke, “a bad root bears bad fruits.”

    with much love,
    Grandpa C

  13. Margaret: Thanks for the compliment and you’re right about PP and the culture/race issue. See, a one child policy works to halve your population each generation if you allow for ‘natural’ sex selection. If you diddle it in favor of boys you more than halve it each generation as only the women can reproduce and have that ‘one child’. The population crashes all the faster. The ‘other cultures’ will be decimated even more quickly. Africa is no different with regard to the boy/girl issue. My aunt and uncle had 4 boys under 7 and lived in Africa. When she and my uncle would visit a new village some of the village women would ask to just ‘touch’ her arm to get her ‘luck’ with boys. Wow. Your 3 boys balance my 3 girls. I mean really, they’ll have to marry *somebody*. How convenient that some ladies have the girls they’ll marry! LOL

    Lauren: My husband and I get the ‘still trying for that boy!’ comment all the time. We’re just happy to have gotten pregnant with 3 healthy babies of any sex at my age (42 in nov) and my health issues. Having met so many women in my age group who waited till 40 to start having babies who had to do fertility treatments, donor eggs, or adoption we feel so blessed to have done it the old fashioned way. Little does everyone know that if we do get the ‘magical boy’ we aren’t going to fix anything that obviously isn’t broken! Hoping you continue to be blessed with all the babies your heart desires of whatever sex and quantity God wants!

  14. This is slightly off topic, but it does have to do with the baby gender issue.

    Our firstborn was a boy, and we are now pregnant with a girl. We are *constantly* told, “oh great now you have one of each…you can stop!” Um no.

    I wonder how many abortions are performed after couples get one of each? It certainly seems to be *our* cultures status quo to stop after you’ve had your “replacements”.

  15. Margaret says:

    Wow, BethP hit the nail on the head!

    It’s so sad–abortion at all costs. If it feeds girl-killing and destroys entire cultures, too bad, but abortion must remain untouched! I have to wonder if pro-abortion folks are secretly really happy when they see these cultures heading for a trainwreck. Racism and social-engineering is rife throughout the “family planning” movement.

    It is interesting–I get loads of attention from Asians when I am out with my three boys. I have had several Asian woman approach me to tell me directly how lucky I am to have so many boys. At least once, the woman was toting a toddler *girl*. 🙁

  16. The gist I get from the progressive replies is that while it’s terrible that these other cultures abort female fetuses it’s just their culture. Limiting abortion would be the greater of evils. See, multicultural patriarchy better than European patriarchy. Evil European patriarchy wants to keep women pregnant and barefoot and at home (I’m wearing flipflops at the moment and at 6m postpartum could lay that lucky egg at any time!) having babies of either sex. Multiculti patriarchy just wants them pregnant with male babies but only so many (1 or 2) and then back to work at that job you slackers!

    You and I on the other hand…both started out with many (Ok, I’m only up to 3 at this point) girls in a row. In one of those evil multiculti patriarchies we’d have been forced to kill the third girl at the very least. I can’t tell you how happy my hubby was to find out I had a healthy *baby* of either sex when I had my level II u/s with my last pregnancy. (I’m over 40 and diabetic so I am more interventionist as a rule mainly to please my family who do worry). I’m certain Perry would never have entertained the thought of killing one of your precious daughters. But hey, our patriarchy (we’re qf and husband head of house as well) is somehow eviler than the multiculti variety because we’re happy to take whatever sex baby God gives us and however many of those we get!

    –BethP, happy wife to my hubby and happy mommy of 3 cute little girls.

    –ps, Mrs Arndt would be worshipped in India or Pakistan.

  17. melissaknits says:

    Keep having girls.

  18. kozimom says:

    Where I live, it is considered unethical by ultrasound technicians to tell the sex of a baby. It’s posted in punjabi and other asian languages in every waiting room! And it’s because of this practice of aborting girls among these nationalities. You have to get an appointment with a perinatololgist through your dr in order to get an ultrasound to find out. I think it’s kind of amazing.

  19. Wow, I could laugh, if this was even funny! It’s the sad truth, though.
    It reminds me of the liberal gal who had an abortion and then had herself sterilized so as to reduce her carbon footprint. Ha. If murder hadn’t been a part of this picture, I could chuckle and say, “Yep, killing yourselves off.”
    We live in a crooked and perverse society.

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