Baby Bethany status

Don’t hate me.  I can hardly believe it myself, but this little child has slept at least 7 hours straight for each of the last 3 nights.

I don’t expect it to continue, and there is payback every day when she nurses doubletime to make up for missed feedings, but it’s been a true blessing.  I don’t mean just because I can sleep uninterrupted, but because my poor aching appendages are getting a good chunk of time to heal while she sleeps. Her technique has not improved much, but I’m getting tougher and healing up.

One reader suggested that Bethany might be tongue-tied; my midwife checked and said that she’s not, but the tip of her tongue looks like the top of a heart: it has a cute little indentation rather than being rounded.  This doesn’t look unusual at all to me which means several of our babies probably had tongues like this, but my midwife said that it makes her tongue effectively shorter so that she can’t latch on quite as well.


heart shaped tongue

The midwife said that she will outgrow it but this hasn’t been a problem for Bethany anyway.  She still looks like a skinny little monkey, but is gaining weight much more quickly than most of our other babies.

skinny little monkey baby

Here’s another pic of her little heart-shaped tongue just because it’s so cute:

and now…I have writer’s block.  I have been staring at the bottom of this post for half an hour.  How to end it?  Like a phone call?  I’ll talk to you later.  Bye.


  1. Even though people say she is not tongue tied, she is. A heart shaped tongue is the clearest indication of a TT. Read anywhere on the web about it. Many docs, midwives and HCP’s do not know what it is, how to recognize it, or how to help moms overcome their breastfeeding difficulties with a revision. Put your finger on your tongue behind your bottom teeth. Try to talk, imagine eating, swallowing, licking an ice cream cone. The tongue must remain extended when feeding to allow good draining of the breast and to not cause mama pain. I am coming to this blog 4 years too late. TT revisions can be done in infancy w/o ANY anesthesia, or just local numbing. It’s OK to questions the docs. They are always learning, just like we are. See here for current information:

    • Thank you, Jeannie. Even though my midwife at the time was very knowledgeable, I quickly became convinced that Bethany was mildly tongue tied, and blogged about it soon after. I’m happy to say she quickly outgrew it. Her latch became much better, she gained weight, and became a clear and early talker.
      I wish I had known just a little sooner, but at least I can share what I’ve learned with other moms.

  2. What a Precious Darlin’!

    Momma, I would also gently agree that Baby Bethany might have some difficulties with her tongue–Perhaps you could take her to a specialist?



    Mother of a 28 year old preacher who had to have his tongue lengthened and transsected. He Speaks Wonderfully!

  3. Oh my goodness! So beautiful!! Congratulations on our new addition!

  4. Congratulations on little Bethany. What a bee-u-ta-full little girl she is. My goodness! 🙂 Praying that all continues to go well with nursing and you see the weight gain needed to put the midwife at ease! 🙂

  5. She’s precious!

  6. Hi!

    Lurker here, but I had to comment – Bethany is BEAUTIFUL! My little guy is almost 11 months, and just last night the Hubster and I were looking at his newborn pictures – it goes by so fast!

    My DS wasn’t tongue tied but VERY small (6 pounds at birth), so we had lots of trouble nursing: he couldn’t get his tongue out far enough at first, open wide enough, etc…. my lactation consultant said to make a ‘nipple sandwich” (flatten the nipple for the baby) and have him latch on, then make sure his little lips were flanged out. Being a mom of 9, you probably knew this, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

    Good luck, your kiddos are all beautiful!

  7. homemakerang says:

    my guy has done great since birth too unlike the other first 4… i did not do much different though so i can only attribute it to it just happened and God knew I needed sleep! DONT you just feel like you have it all together with 7-9 hours of sleep! I do! sleep deprivation is not fun! she is so beautiful!

  8. What a beautiful baby. Hold her all you can. As you well know by now I am sure, they grow up so fast. Take care.

  9. What an adorable little girl! Oh, have fun enjoying her!

  10. I started the Lansinoh on day 1 – I can’t imagine how we would have gotten through the first few days without it. As it is, I still have to brace myself for the first minute or two on each side, then it’s bearable.
    I’ve done a little research on tongue ties, and I can see that Bethany (along with several other babies of ours) might have a very mild case, where the tongue is just a bit shorter than usual with something less than the full range of motion.
    If that’s the case, all of the others nursed w/o problem (except for my own soreness with a couple, and one did spit up blood frequently) and outgrew it, so we’re not concerned.
    Of course I could be singing a different tune if I’m still in pain 3 weeks from now…

  11. Yes, Lansinoh!!! That stuff is amazing! My babies have all had “high palates,” so nursing caused much bleeding and pain for a few weeks. We toughed it out, though, and the appendages healed up just fine.
    I HAVE to do the scheduling with this next one, mine never slept well at all. Ugh! Oh, and my sister’s name is Bethany too, I love it!

  12. I second the Lansinoh! My “appendages” bled so badly that every one of my four children spit up blood from nursing! Also, every single one of them is tongue-tied too. Hope you feel better soon! And mine were all great sleepers too. I am a schedule-freak (babywise all the way in our house!) and boy, did that pay off a million times over! Congratulations. She looks so much like her dad, I think! She’s beautiful.

  13. She is so adorable, although I am a little jealous… my youngest is the same age as a Perry… two… and he still only sleeps a couple of hours at a time and is still nursing…HELP!!!!

  14. Aww..Congratulations! She’s beautiful. I love the name Grace. I have a Zoe Grace! Wow! I didn’t know that you had such a large family.

  15. homemakerang says:

    SHE IS ADORABLE!!!! tiny too… mine never were tiny ever! she looks so ALERT all the time! good things! xoxxoo

  16. Okay, I haven’t ever seen any of your other babies, but this child could not look more like her Papa! (well, if she had facial hair, etc.)
    SOOO precious. You are very blessed.

  17. I’m sorry, did you say something? I can’t really focus on what you’re saying when you post all those pictures of that beautiful little girl!

    I am so happy for you that she is sleeping so well!

    See, I really was listening. 🙂

  18. She’s just so alert and has so much personality! I know, it’s what everyone else is saying… must be true!

    Lansinoh really helped me sooo much too……I don’t know about the tongue tied thing at all, my older brother was and he had to get that little thing under his tongue clipped. I can’t offer any advice about it…..

    Well, we’re just havin’ a lazy day here and so I decided to waste my time that I am horrible at using anyway and get on the computer for awhile. You’re always high on my list of blogs to check in with!

    Take care!

    Leanne in Longview

  19. “Don’t hate me.”

    Sorry, too late!


    I thought I was in heaven when my latest did that at 2.5m. Her next oldest sister was FIFTEEN months old before she did that. in fact my second and third started sleeping 7hrs+ at about the same time.

    I’m waiting for the payback at my house too. Told my mother in law my ‘good baby’ (shhh, don’t tell the others they aren’t good!) will probably wear white shoes after labor day or something LOL.

    Enjoy that precious baby & her cute little heart shaped tongue!


  20. Sorry to tell you this, but I agree with Holly, Kelly and Laura. The Princess and two of the Pirates were tongue tied. The Pirates went undiagnosed for a long time , hence the need for speech therapy. So when the Princess was born I knew to have it checked, and sure enough. The weird thing was, they wouldn’t correct it until she was over a year old because they had to use a general anesthetic. So, we had to battle through the soreness anyway. I found that really mixing up the nursing positions helped, and the Lansinoh, of course. 😉

  21. She is just beautiful!

  22. My little brother and my cousin’s baby were born with the heart shaped tongue and had feeding problems. They were both tongue tied. Just trying to help. No need to be in pain while nursing. Thanks for the idea about the liquid calcium!

  23. My littlest slept 7 hours at night just as quickly and I needed the rest as well since her techinque caused me alot of pain. Is there a connection between bad techinque and sleeping longer at night?

  24. I also can’t believe how alert she is! Mine are always larva-lumps for the first couple months, not showing much personality. Bethany is so awake and engaging!

    I’m sorry your mopples hurt. I hope the pain goes away soon!!

  25. Can she stick her tounge out past her bottom lip? If not, she may still be tounge tied, but have a type of tounge tie called a posterior tounge tie. It’s much less common, and more difficult to diagnose. My last baby had one.

  26. Geraldine says:

    Her tongue looks quite a bit like my baby’s tongue. I, like you, have just recently given birth to my ninth baby, and I’ve been trying to figure out why the normal nursing positions just don’t seem to work for him. He nurses really well when I lay down with him, though, so you could try that.

  27. Holly Y. says:

    For being so young, she sure shows personality in the photos. She is so precious.:)

  28. Every picture you have posted of her she just looks so alert. Is she awake as much during the day as it looks like? I’d sleep for seven hours straight too if that were the case. She is really a pretty baby.

  29. She is beautiful! My oldest had a tongue like that- not quite tongue tied, just a little short- her nursing completely improved after about 3 weeks and it never hurt again. 🙂

    And I totally know how you feel about ending that post. I never know how to tie things up very well. Thats why I have a thousand saved posts and very few actually posted!


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