Happy Birthday, Rachael!

The cutest little redhead in the world is 4 now.  There’s something special about that age, isn’t there?  All of my children are strongly imprinted in my mind at that age.  It’s like they’ll always be 4 to me.

Four-year-olds are still so small, yet self-aware and precocious.

I love it.

Rachael is 4 now

And I love my sweet little redhead.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    She has such beautiful long hair!

    Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?

  2. New Aunt Roxy says:

    Rachael is by far the cutest and sweetest redhead I know! Happy Birthday Rachael! Very cute picture also!

  3. 4 is my favorite age they are so full of wonder, can take care of themselves to a point and love ya to peices. Why do they have to grow up???

  4. SO adorable! Happy birthday! (We have 3 red heads also- they’re the cutiest in the world also!)

  5. Meredith_in_Aus says:

    Happy birthday, Rachael. Have fun being 4.

    Haven’t 4-year-olds got the cutest voices? I love my little 4’s voice. Too sweet.

    In Him


  6. Happy Birthday pretty girl! 😀

  7. Happy birthday Rachael!!

  8. Holly C. says:

    Happy birthday Rachael!

    You are such a pretty little girl.

  9. Happy Birthday! 🙂
    I have 2 redheads as well, one boy and one girl. 🙂
    God Bless,

  10. Hannah C. says:

    Besides the baby, my two youngest sisters (ages 5 and 7) are both redheads. Neither of them have hair as neat as Rachael’s though! 😉

    A very happy birthday to her!

  11. She is just beautiful. Love the braids! Happy birthday!!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY……………I miss you all……don’t grow to big, before I see you again.

    Tommy Funcle

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