WFMW: Emergency nursing pads

Gentlemen, turn your heads.  If I have any male readers, you don’t need or want to know about this, so just click on to the next blog in your reader.



OK, then.  Last Sunday we left the house in a big hurry and I forgot to put nursing pads in my bra.  That also happened to be the day that the baby slept 9 hours straight, reluctantly awoke for a quick little snack on one side, and went straight back to sleep for the entire church service.  She’s crazy that way.

Can you see where this is going?  I was wearing layers, but halfway through the service, I had soaked through all 3 layers on one side and 2 out of 3 layers on the other.  I tried and tried, but that sweet little lump would not wake up. I was on my own.

So I excused myself to the restroom, rooted through my purse and pulled out a small pair of scissors and (all the guys are gone, right?) a pantiliner.  Is it just me or does every woman keep those in her purse?  Now that I know it can serve multiple purposes I’m even more motivated to keep them on hand.

I cut it in half, stuck one half in each side of my bra, and I was covered for the rest of the day.  After all, those things are made to absorb, and the adhesive keeps them right in place – wherever you choose to put them.  It worked for me.

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  1. They are actually pretty similar… lol I woulda if I had nothing else!!!

  2. Way to go! I found that out in a moment of desperation as well! Only my moment was “Oh no! I’m all out of nursing pads….aaaackkk!” and I wasn’t out in public…Thank God!

  3. I recently used them for something really weird too. Promise not to tell? Okay, the wire in my bra kept poking me under the arm. It was driving me crazy! So I poked it back in and put the pad across the spot where the wire came through – the sticky side held it in place and the padding kept me comfortable until I could get home and pull out the wires:)

  4. I used a pantliner as an impromptu shoe in-sole this week. I’ve been at a Christian conference, and only managed to take one pair of shoes, and they were making me really sore. They were clogs, so i couldn’t really get loose in-soles, but because the pantliner is sticky, it stayed in beautifully!

  5. Been there, done that! LOL

  6. Michelle says:

    I am a new reader as of today. I love this idea and have another usefulness tip to add. My mom once ran out of gauze. When my little brother came in with a big knee scrape, she did the same thing and covered the sticky side with white first aid tape. (She never did tell him what she used.) I wonder how many other uses they have. lol

  7. you are such a riot!

  8. nice idea! I have those CVS pantiliners and I am almost out of nursing pads. i’ll give it a try!

  9. Lol!! That is classic!

  10. This post was great. I’m a new reader and love your website!

  11. Great tip! Why does this always happen when we are at church???

  12. Too funny…
    I ran into the almost same situation once and had to do the same thing…thank God for keeping pads in my purse!
    Have a blessed day

  13. I never need nursing pads if I wear a good supportive bra. I only seem to leak if I “hang loose”. Does anyone know the physiology of why this happens? I feel like such an oddity having never used them.

  14. What a great idea, Kim! Necessity is definitely the mother of invention! Blessings!

  15. I’ve used swedish milk cups which have worked well, especially with those babies who have a hard time latching on. They are two pieces of molded plastic, the inside one looks like a donut. Put them in your bra, extra milk leaks into the cup. Remove and dump down the sink when ready to nurse. The “donut” hole helps to shape you so that its easier for baby to latch on. Regular liners tend to flatten which makes it harder for baby to latch on, especially when engorged.

    Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

  16. Ha! That’s great! I carried a pantyliner throughout my entire last pregnancy, no idea why I would need one of those in my purse while pregnant. The small pair of scissors cracked me up too, I would never had had a pair of scissors handy. I do however have a steady supply of long glue sticks in my purses and diaper bags. They work like a charm when there isn’t a “switch” nearby….

  17. Rachel,
    I actually have 2 pairs of scissors. My Swiss Army knife has one pair, and hubby gave me a little sliding/folding pair that I just love!
    What else? Tic tacs for carsick kids…hair brush…Bible…small bag of snacks for blood sugar crashes. Maybe I’ll do an inventory for a post soon. It would be fun to hear what others carry.

  18. That’s great, you’re so resourceful! I’ll remember that for when I have my next baby.

  19. great thinking – there’s nothing worse than that feeling of leaking through!

  20. Tanya,
    I found that the disposable ones were hard to hide. If you can find some soft cloth pads in a molded (not flat) shape, they fit better and are more easily disguised.
    Also, a more padded bra helps. Not that nursing moms need more padding for the typical reasons, but it does help hide the nursing pads.

  21. Kristine J. says:

    how funny! i just discovered this trick about 2 weeks ago when i came home from the hospital with my son and had forgotten about buying pads. i have that in my works for me wednesday also!

  22. “rooted through my purse and pulled out a small pair of scissors”… had to laugh… that is not an item I usually carry around in my purse! =) What else is in your purse????

  23. I just want to laugh!!! But I wish I’d had this tip back in my nursing days and I didn’t so I think I’ll cry instead.

    Great tip!

  24. That’s a great tip, but I have trouble with using nursing pads. This is really silly, but no matter how I place them, or what I’m wearing I end up with a very visible circle that draws attention to that area (which I certainly don’t want to do). I usually end up just taking my chances and never leave the house for too long until nursing is really well established. Any thoughts for “placement and disguise”?

  25. This is such a great idea!! I never would have thought of that. Thanks for sharing this tip that I will definitely remember!

  26. too funny I know how you feel I had so much milk I could have fed twins

  27. LOL! Those are the only thing I use! I get cheap walmart cotton filled ones (don’t like having those absorbing chemicals around where baby is eating) and use those for the first couple of months. 🙂 Much cheaper than buying real nursing pads. Although this last pregnancy I did buy the real ones for shape reasons. A thick rectangle shape in that area sometimes looks weird. : )

  28. WOW….thank you for the humor this morning….I am so glad I am not the only one who has used this trick.

  29. ROTFLOL!! Yeah…I’ve done that too!

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